December 17

Before I get out of bed every morning I mentally make a loose schedule of the day.


I thrive on the schedule.


Yesterday morning was no different.


I was going to go to the grocery store to get the stuff for my FFwD, eat some breakfast, do my chores, go to a doc appointment, and make My go to Beef Daube.


Well, I went to the grocery around 7am.


Ate some breakfast.


Came home, did chores, went to the doc appointment, and that is when the schedule decided to deviate.

One of the girls friends came over and they needed driven somewhere, and by the time I got home, I didn’t have 2½ + hours to make Beef Daube.


Today my loose schedule consists of


☺ Making Beef Daube


The end.

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5 thoughts on “December 17”

  1. I do a similar thing, write out my “general” schedule as I journal each morning and go with the flow. Motherhood and life constantly throw curve balls, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. enjoy your beef daube.

  2. Yes, please share the recipe! I’m intrigued.
    I am not a schedule person. But my first baby was a schedule and routine type from the day he was born. Now that he is 11, he is a lot better about going with the flow but it took a few years. I’ve found that living out in the country is not good for schedules and routines. Weather and farm animals and father-in-law’s have a bad habit of throwing a wrench in any kind of routine.

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