December 15

So the girl and I have been baking up a storm.

And the family has been eating the baking as fast as you can say yummmm.

It is a good thing that Oreo Balls are so quick and so easy to make.

First you grab a package of Great Value Oreos and dump them in a food processor.

Then you take a package of cream cheese and cube it.

Add that to the food processor.

Whiz till thoroughly mixed.

frozen balls
Scoop into balls and put in the freezer.

Drive to the next town over and watch Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Eat a very disappointing meal at Golden Corral.

Come home.

Talk about how great the movie was and complain about how awful the meal was.


Send Superman to work.

keeping warm
Nuke some almond bark, and keep warm with a heating pad.



And within 2 minutes you can eat them.


Not only are these delicious, but they are so easy that little ones can make them.


PS.  Go see Voyage of the Dawn Treader, but don’t eat lunch at Golden Corral.   You’ll be disappointed.



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9 thoughts on “December 15”

  1. I made these with mint “Oreos” from Kroger – yum! Still have to dip them. Love the idea of using the heating pad to keep the coating warm. I”m also making some with candy cane “Oreos” from Aldi.

  2. I’ll have to try the recipe-they sound like the perfect diet-destroyer!
    Took my girls to see “Voyage of the Dawn Treader” and we loved it. One bit of advice: Take tissues!

  3. Hmm, I think there’s a couple more steps to the recipe this year than I remember 🙂
    You posted the Oreo balls last year, I made them, and I loved them. I’d forgotten about them, but now I’m going to have to make them again. As soon as it stops snowing and I can go get the cookies.
    My kids really want to see the movie. Glad it was good.

  4. Hmmm, sounds yummy and easy. I do want to see Voyage of the Dawn Treader and I want to see it at the IMaxx theater so saying a prayer about that. Thank you for mentioning that you loved it.

  5. I just made these for the first time (actually, this was the first time I’d eaten one, too) and I am IN LOVE. I used Peppermint Jo-Jos from Trader Joe’s (not sure if you have that store around you) with peppermint candy melts and they were amazing.

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