December 10

Dear WordPress!
Thanks for figuring out all your wacky issues and getting my blog to working again.
Really frustrated

How are the Internets today?

I’m great!


Well because it is payday, and it is also FFwD, and boyhowdie do I have a treat for you…

Okay, okay…Dorie has a treat, but I made it…so there!

I made Sweet and Spicy Cocktail Nuts.

Dorie, ya shoulda added salty in there too, cause the salt…on the verge of being a bit overwhelming.  Next time I’ll add just a smackeral less.

sugar and spice

Dorie says that you can change up the spices, so I did.

I added some of my prized Vietnamese cinnamon, fresh nutmeg and see that wee red spot up there?

That’s cayenne.

The boy would be proud.


So, you take your nuts and dump them into a slightly beaten egg white.

Mix to coat


Pour on your sugar mixture.
Deviate from the recipe by not taking out every individual nut and scraping off the excess egg white,

wet pecans

and just dump the whole mess on the parchment, because patience was not a virtue I was born with.

baked pecans
Bake for 30 minutes and voila…

A snack that can. not. be. resisted.

So much so that they disappeared within an hour and more had to be made.

Doubled in fact.

And I am loath to say that the doubled batch is almost gone.

But I absolutely refuse to tell who ate them all.


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35 thoughts on “December 10”

  1. I also made these and they were a hit. I like to follow recipes to the letter the first time, and then change it up from there…

    Love your photos..what camera do you use? (I am in the market)

  2. I made the same thing; loved them a lot but resisted cause I have company coming and no time to do again! Lucky I doubled the batch so got to sample and have plenty left.

    Yours look great despite not taking that time. I didn’t either, but I did mix them up every ten minutes. Came out fine for me and in a fraction of the time, right?

  3. Yep, I ate 2/3 of mine, they were that good. Fortunately, I only made 1/2 a batch. The temptation to make more is calling me. They’ll be my post for next week. I’m glad they were easy so I can make some more.

  4. Hi Chocolatechic! Love your name! Oh and I adore your action shots! Made me want to lick the screen.

    I’ve been having problems with blogspot too. Glad to hear I’m not alone.

  5. Been dragging my feet in this group…need to get going again, this might just be the inspiration needed, thanks. And, I would never tell anyone that there were any of these in your house ever. Better make some more.

  6. okay, you big mean meanie, WHERE IS THE RECIPE???? You can’t show me pictures like that, and brag about how delicious they are, and not share the recipe! GIVE IT UP!!! ; )

  7. Thanks for the spice variation…I’m going to try yours today! I also didn’t separate the nuts in one of my batches and liked them better that way – and easier to make.

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