December 8

Christmas has always been magical to me.

The wonder of the lights.

The smell of the tree.

The presents under the tree.  Definitely the presents under the tree!

I like to keep that magic fresh, and so as to not get desensitized to the season, I like to wait to put the tree up till at least two weeks before Christmas, and I don’t decorate till a day or two before we get the tree.

Some people call me a Scrooge, I like to think of myself as being a protector of the magic of Christmas.

No one believes me.

Superman on the other hand wants everything up on Thanksgiving day.

We compromise by doing it my way.

Until this year.

Sunday afternoon, Superman and the girl came down the stairs wearing Christmas hats and brandishing swords and machetes, and committed mutiny on me.

the mutineers

The traitors!

tying on bows

Don’t let this face fool you.

They were vicious.

PS.   It was GREAT!  I didn’t have to do a thing!   Now if they would just mutiny when it is time to take them down.


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9 thoughts on “December 8”

  1. Believe me! They’ll mutiny when it’s time to take them down (I do!). You’ll be just like Captain Bly…alone on the high seas in a tiny boat with no one in sight! (I always find something to do on the back forty when January comes around.)

  2. What beautiful Nativity figurines you have…and that smiling elf helper is also very beautiful. I like to get it all decorated before Advent starts so that we can focus on the Advent part and not the holiday seasonal stuff the whole time…it was my compromise I guess. Anyway, Matt and his girlfriend put it all up the day after Thanksgiving so it was done and I had very little to do…it’s nice when they are older, isn’t it? Mine even came with a cleaned out car and wash…yahoo!

  3. Well, I think that’s pretty special Christmas magic for this year! 🙂
    Actually, I’m with you on the waiting to decorate. Especially now that I have a son with a birthday on December 1. I think he shouldn’t have to share his birthday with Christmas.
    I like to get the gifts under the tree for about a week before Christmas, because I think a huge part of the gift giving, for the kids especially, is seeing the gifts, anticipating Christmas morning, and trying to guess what could be in them. Any longer than a week though, is difficult on the younger kids (and my impatient husband!).

  4. I use to be like you and waited until two weeks before Christmas. Then I had a daughter on the 11th and that messed everything up. Moved decorating to three weeks before Christmas, so it wouldn’t get mixed up with birthday activities. Then I had two more kids and this year we bought a tree the day after Thanksgiving because the kids wouldn’t stop begging. o_O

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