December 5

Today I want to share what I am thankful for.


♥ My girl being home, of course

♥ Friends like you who have come along side of our family and prayed

♥ Time spent with the boy and his wife

♥ Time spent with cousins and their families

♥ Lucky Charms~~they hit the spot


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4 thoughts on “December 5”

  1. I am thankful for:
    1. The presentation by the “Living Christmas Tree” at Maiden Lane Church of God. It was beautiful. My hubby got to go too.

    2. Pretty snow covering the ground.(till I have to go out in it.)

    3.Fresh hot,homemade pizza last night. My house still smells good this morning.

    p.s. I am glad Kirsten is back home. I love you all.

  2. I am thankful for:
    1. the beautiful sun shining on this cold day.
    2. enjoying a peaceful Sunday
    3. the warmth of a nice heater on the cold day.

  3. I am thankful your girl is home too 🙂
    I am also thankful for a nice visit from my parents this weekend, for my son who’s birthday we celebrated this weekend, and I am also thankful to have my husband home from his business trip to Cincinnati.

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