November 30

Hello last day of November!    I am so glad that you are here.

Today is my usual TWD, but the recipe is more of what I would consider a summer recipe.

It is called Devilish Shortcakes.

They are basically a shortcake only with some chocolate in it.

Fresh strawberries are not in season, and that is about the only thing I could think to go with it that I would like.

I did come across a blog that put bananas and strawberries in it…kinda like a banana split.   Brilliant!!!

If you’d like the recipe go check out Tania’s blog.

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2 thoughts on “November 30”

  1. I am technically not on the TWD because I started too late, but I do have the book, and I am not big on chocolate shortcakes..give me the old fashioned plain ones any day…
    I will probably, at one time or another, make these just to try but not now…
    Although I think that the “banana split shortcake idea is also good…and kind of winter-y…

  2. It’s the time of year for fruit cake and pumpkin stuff, and mince meat pie and so forth. Save the shortcake for next year.(and save me a piece)

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