November 26

Happy Friday y’all.


Mother called me at dark’o’thirty from the mall asking a question about something to purchase for Superman.  She stated that she had been up since 4am.


I was still asleep.


5 minutes later, the Sister called to tell me that she and her fam were out and about shopping and she had gotten up at 2:30am to get there.


Am I the only sane person in my family???


No, wait…don’t answer that.


I did not make FFwD.   Oh, I did make one of her recipes…the beloved potato gratin from 2 weeks ago, but seriously…yesterday was Thanksgiving, and there was way to much food already.


I couldn’t have possibly made anything else.


So, I have a question for you today to help with the wee debate we had yesterday afternoon.


Do you call it dressing or stuffing?




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15 thoughts on “November 26”

  1. haha! We always called it “stuffing”. But my grandparents called it “dressing”….

    Not shopping, by the way….there will be plenty of sales now til Dec 25th and beyond…

  2. If you put the “Turkey” in front then it is dressing. If not it is stuffing. Whatever you call it…I’ll eat it!
    I have not been shopping today!

  3. In my southern neck of the woods, it is definitely “dressing.” I’m with you…I’ll wait for the Christmas sales…no Black Friday for me.

  4. We decided that it’s STUFFING if you STUFF it in the turkey, and DRESSING if you DRESS up your plate with it. LOL We have dressing, because it’s way too gross to a) stuff things into a turkey carcass and b) eat things that came out of a turkey carcass. : )

  5. I do think that you are sane. I usually refer to it as stuffing. I understand that dressing means stuffing, but I do not personally know anyone who calls it that. Another one of those regional things?

  6. Stuffing is called “stuffing” because it is a mixture “stuffed” into the bird.

    Dressing is called “dressing” because it “dresses” the table with its own presence w/o being inside of the bird.


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