November 24

Some random bits of information.

♦  Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise…but it also makes them pretty much useless the next day around 4pm

♠  Stuffmart is blissfully quiet around 5:30 am

♣  So is McDonalds drive through

☺ I know that wearing socks with crocks is UG. LY, but I just can’t help myself

♫ I am so happy that Jennifer Grey won Dancing With the Stars.   Dirty Dancing is one of my all time favorite movies.

☼  Don’t get the bagel sandwich from McDonalds.   The McGriddle is so much better.

◄ When you go to Stuffmart at 5:30am to get cream, cool whip, and milk, don’t forget the milk


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6 thoughts on “November 24”

  1. I was torn on DWTS, Jennifer was awesome, Kyle was entergetic & Bristol had improved so much. Glad Jennifer won she nailed nearly all her routines. I have been to our stuffmart & tarjay to get cream, kleenix and cool whip and came out of both with none of them but a basketfull of other things. Drives me crazy.

  2. I agree about McDonald’s bagel sandwiches. We have a fastfood restaurant in Kansas called Spangles. They have the best bagel sandwiches, but awful hashbrowns! I used to go to Spangles for the bagel egg and cheese, then go to McDonald’s for hashbrowns and a Coke. How terrible is that! I love McDonald’s breakfast burrito and egg mcmuffin!

  3. I agree! Jennifer Grey was my favorite too…Glad she won..

    Hate to say it but I like the egg on a biscuit with bacon (bad bad for me!) for breakfast…oh well…

  4. Ok now you guys have done it. I am hungry for a Mcgriddle. And I am sure my truck won’t start as it is -11* here. And dh has the car at work. Oh well at least the pumpkin pies are almost done. So may have to have that instead. But I do have leftover pizza in the fridge I made yesterday.

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