November 23

Hey there TWD’ers.

Today is a rewind day.

A day where we are allowed to make something that we missed or something that we wanted to make again.

I had in mind to make something called Snickery Squares, but the girl came over yesterday and spent almost the entire day with me.

I enjoyed time with my girl instead of making anything.

I hope everyone has a wonderful family filled Thanksgiving.

I know that I will.

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16 thoughts on “November 23”

  1. Tanya, it Blesses my heart to read that you and your daughter spent time together. That is an answered prayer! Did she say whether or not she was going to your family Thanksgiving? I hope she does! That will be such a Blessing for you, her, and your entire family! Maybe the boy can talk her into going?

  2. Best news I’ve heard all day… So glad that you enjoyed a happy day together, but Snickery Squares do sound good. Hope that they’ll be something in your future and mine.

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