November 19

Today’s FFwD is called Roast Chicken for Les Paresseux.

Roast Chicken for the lazy.

I’d rather call it Roast chicken for la occupés

Roast Chicken for the busy.
chicken in a pot

Not only is this chicken quick, but it is moist and very flavorful.

All you do is oil your pot, salt and pepper your chicken inside and out, poke in some herbs and garlic, crank up your oven to 450º and roast for 90 minutes.
chicken on a plate

This is fabulous.

But the best part of this chicken???
greasy tasty bread

You lay your chicken on a couple of pieces of bread.

This bread soaks up all the juices and flavor.

Dorie, I heart this recipe.

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37 thoughts on “November 19”

  1. What do you do with the bread besides eat it? Make a gravy? (regarding your Nov 16th post; I been there. Has your Dad told you if HE’S been there?)

  2. Do you think it would work for a small turkey? I haven’t ventured into making a whole chicken or turkey, but if it would work maybe I’ll try.

  3. I’ve NEVER cooked a whole chicken! However, you’ve made it look so easy and yummy, I think I could do this?

    Thanks for sharing – I may try to pull this off for the weekend. I’m all about easy meals for the weekend.

    Have a blessed weekend!
    ~ Amy ~

  4. Oh yeah…that piece of bread on the bottom!

    I Love making a whole chicken..and the soup it makes afterwards is good too (throw in a couple of pieces of chicken to add to what is left on the hones)

    ..Yours came out looking great…

    A small turkey, or even a turkey breast would probably work… is NOT hard to do…(I LOVE that Perdue commercial about “roaster phobia” funny because it is SO easy..)

  5. Oh you did NOT eat that bread! Oh my gosh…was it not oil soaked as well as full of flavor? I think I would leave it out so I could use the juices (once I scimmed the fat) for gravy – looks quick and easy though.

  6. You know what I’m loving about all of these recipes? They’re easy. Nothing has been too time consuming! Hopefully their not just giving us the easy stuff at the beginning! Your chicken looks delicious!

  7. I hear this recipe too! I found incredibly easy and perfect for those (me!) who want a quick prep, delicious dinner on a weeknight. I was surprised how many FFWD peeps found the recipe the opposite of lazy.

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