November 18

We interrupt this blog to bring you a special message….

I just want to say thank you to everyone who sent their prayers up for our family yesterday.

All your care, support, emails, hugs, and stories of what you are going through made my eyes leak, just a little bit.

Y’all are great!

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.




Ever since we brought Grace into our home about 9 years ago, life has never been the same.

Grace has been a source of entertainment, warmth, sweetness, and hairballs.

I love her.


So I concluded a couple years later that if one is good, 2 would be better.

It works with chocolate!


I have brought many cats into our home.

There was Sugar….she was anything but.

Honey Bunny was as destructive as a tornado.

Snickers was just plain dumb, and Grace hated her.

Whiskey was the last one in a long line of “sibling” cats.   She was great till she decided that the counters were better than the floor.

Grace has been living the single life for about 6 months and has been enjoying all the love and attention, sleeping at the foot of our bed all night, and not having to share food and litter box.  She has been in cat heaven.

But about 2 ½ weeks ago, we went to our not-so-local PetSmart to get our sweet Chloe a sweater.

While Superman was deciding on a sweater, the girl and I went over to the cats.

The girl and I are drawn to cats like magnets.

We went in and played with several different ones.

That is when the worker told us that all the cats were spayed,  up to date on shots, tested for feline leukemia, and micro-chipped.

All for the lovely price of $10.

TEN dollars.

I have never paid for a cat before.


But when she mentioned that with the cat came coupons for free litter and free food, I was there, because Internet I made money.


Meet Kitty.  She is about 6 months old and was a stray.

She loves me, but Superman…not so much.

1 spayed, micro-chipped cat~~$10

1 $13 bag of cat food~~free

1 $16 container of litter~~ free

That puts me $19 ahead of the game, and who can resist that?


Well, besides Grace?




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13 thoughts on “November 18”

  1. She is so adorable..I love cats do my sons….
    We have 4 right now…y the woods I will never be without at least 2 cats…(or a few more)..
    Have fun..let Grace get used to her slowly on her own terms…

  2. Awwwwwww! I love your new kitty!

    I would love another cat, but our Bing-kitty says he’s allergic so we can only have one.

    You’re a good human for giving this creature such a warm and wonderful home!

  3. $10!!! At our Petsmart/Humane Society it costs around $70-90 to adopt a cat. Hence, no cat for us! There are other reasons for no cat, too, but every time I get kitty cat fever, I just look at the price tag and I’m cured 🙂 Both of your cats are beautiful, though!!

  4. We tried that same logic with dogs..(if one is good two is better). But I can tell you that 5 insides dogs is TOO many! (two is better than one) 🙂

  5. Sweet! I love a good deal.
    I SO wish I wasn’t allergic to cats. The boys want a dog and I’m not allergic to them, but I’d much rather cuddle a kitty. Kiss yours for me, right under their chins. (I didn’t use to be allergic.

  6. Kitty is beautiful!

    I have never seen such an angry cat. If I brought another cat home, I might see my Lucy as angry as your Grace.

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