November 12


Because I love and honor the Parents, there isn’t much in this world that I wouldn’t do for them.

And when I actually do have to say no to them, I feel bad.

Really, really bad.
spoon over cream

However this week I did say no, and I don’t feel bad in the least!

You see, Mother asked me to bring my standard green bean casserole for Thanksgiving.

I sure do love me some green bean casserole.

sprinkle cheese
I have now found something else that has taken over my love of the green bean casserole.

Actually it has taken over my love of everything else.

If you would put a bowl of the best chocolate in the world and a bowl of pommes dauphinois (potato gratin,) that we made for FFwD, in front of me….Internet I’d turn down the chocolate this is just. that. good.

baked up

To make things even better, it only has 4 ingredients.






I love it.

Dorie, I’m gonna name my next child after you.

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31 thoughts on “November 12”

  1. Oh I agree..I LOVE potatoes Au Gratin….I will definitely make this one. I have made them often but not with Dories recipe….
    Yours look so good!

  2. hee, hee. That poor kid! Gratin? Dauphinois? Pomme de terre? It looks great, and the fact that you would choose it over chocolate makes me wonder if I should get over my dislike of potatoes to try it. Maybe I’ll make it for my family…

  3. I thought that first picture was white chocolate shavings! So pretty! Hmmm…I’m not so sure I would choose this over chocolate 🙂 but, I did enjoy it and potatoes are one of my comfort foods. I would, however, definitely make this for Thanksgiving over green bean casserole any day! I love the cheesiness of your topping.

      1. That leads me to my next question. Why are you allowed to post your Tuesday with Dorie recipes, but not the French recipes?

        This looks easy enough to copy without the recipe, I think I’ll give it a try. But, I doubt it beats chocolate. Just sayin. 😉

  4. How do you get your potatoes so uniform? Do you do it by hand or do you have a slicer? Can’t wait to taste it on Thamksgiving:)

  5. Oh, yeah…you are going to be so hooked on French cooking by the time you are done with this book! These potatoes are a great deal, aren’t they? I can’t be making these too often. Yours look fabulous.

  6. Oh boy! Looks delicious! Potatoes always trump chocolate for me…but then I’m not the chocolatechic!

    I can’t get gruyere around here either… well, not when I’m looking for it. For a month I looked for gorgonzola and the week after I made my pumpkin flan with goat cheese, my local grocer brought it in.

  7. LOL, I am pleased that you have found something to match (and overtake!) your love for chocolate. Your gratin looks amazing. Mine did not turn out that great for me – tune in next week. Maybe I played around with it too much 😦

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