November 10

I want to state for the record that when my ice cream containers began to shrink from 2 quarts to 1.5 quarts I grumbled a bit, but ice cream isn’t necessary.

Same to be said about candy bars.

I also began to grumble a bit more when they started to do it with shampoo and body wash.

But Seriously!?!?



Did you think I wouldn’t notice???

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5 thoughts on “November 10”

  1. Yeahh…it’s a catch-22…they either shrink everything and keep prices the same or the raise prices…it’s just that they are SO darn sneaky about it…Big business thinks the public is just plain too stupid to notice…if they kept the products the same size, and raised the prices, products would most likely last us longer..and we wouldn’t have to buy as it works out FOR THEM to shrink the products in a VERY sneaky way…and THEN they try to feed us the story that “they are doing it for us..”…they are going to be surprised someday (maybe soon).

  2. I had not physically measured my toilet paper, but I began to realize something wasn’t the same when I could fit more rolls into my bathroom cabinet than previously! Now I know…they raised the price and made the rolls smaller! UGH…. is nothing sacred?

  3. The tp thing I did know as dh and I had a talk about it a while back.
    But I will make sure he doesn’t see where you said ice cream is not a necessity. The man will set by the wood stove when it is -40* and eat ice cream. He loves it.

  4. Whoever said ice cream was not a necessity is spouting heresy. I know the containers are smaller,but I love my ice cream. And it loves me,it hangs around forever.
    As far as the TP goes ,that is a downright shame. I remember when it was a nickle a roll and you could get a good size single roll at the store on the corner.

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