November 9

sugar on apples

I’ll never forget the first time I saw my mother open up a can of “cranberry sauce” and listened to it blurbity-slurp out of the can, and jiggle like jello.

caramelized apples
Not only did it sound gross, but it had every indention of the can in it.

Who wants to eat something that looks like the can it came out of? (I hadn’t met SPAM yet)

So now any time I hear cranberries that is what I think of, and cringe.

Today’s TWD is Not Just for Thanksgiving Cranberry (cringe) Shortbread Cake, and Jessica of A Singleton in the Kitchen picked it for us.

Fortunately for me, you can use different fruit, so I sliced my apples thin and caramelized them.

grated dough
Someone else suggested, that instead of trying to roll out a perfect circle of dough to just fit in the bottom of your pan, and a second perfect circle to fit over top of the filling, to freeze the dough and grate it.

Brilliant I say.


And absolutely delicious.

I could just eat the dough.

Okay, I did eat some of the dough.


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22 thoughts on “November 9”

  1. I’ve always loved the dough.
    Mom always let us lick the spoon when she baked.
    I have a picture of me at 10 months,tongue on spoon and a big happy grin on my face.
    I have an awesome Mom, who taught me about the important stuff, honesty, food, love and chocolate.

  2. Ooh, I hadn’t seen that idea to do the top as a crumble. Love that! Your caramelized apples look better and more caramelly than mine. I thought this was just a big cookie, not cake.

  3. Tsk are missing out on a real treat (and healthy too) ..homemade cranberry sauce with a tiny bite of orange peel and even some nuts…soo good…!

  4. This looks great–the first non-red one I’ve seen! I don’t hate cranberries as much as you do, but your description of them coming out of the can is hilarious! I used raspberries this time, and may have taste-tested some of the dough. So, do tell, do you like Spam?

  5. the canned cranberry sauce is my guilty pleasure — love that stuff! i need to try the grating technique – i love how beautifully bumpy and textured the top turned out. yum!!

  6. Hmmmm. I was really curious about the grated dough thing. Looks like it worked pretty well for you! Those variations sometimes scare me. I’m a go by the book kind of person. Love your apples.

  7. Freezing and shredding the dough. LOVE that idea. I can just imagine the texture it would provide. Have to try that. Want to do it with apples. Sounds delish.

    Looks delish.

  8. Nummy scrummy! Your apple version looks fantastic! Your description of your first encounter with cranberries (and everlasting disgust) is hilarious. Thanks for baking along with me this week!

  9. Okay, no matter how good mine looked on that LB Cake plate, yours is the winner this week…oh my that looks absolutely spectacular! Now all you need is a LB Cake Plate!

  10. I may have to stop looking at your blog because your pictures are so darn good I swear I gain a pound or two just looking at them. Im not gonna lie to you when I say your apple cookie tart is the best I have seen all day..Im in love..can you send me one in the mail?

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