November 5

Dear Snow,

You are not my friend.

I do not want to come out and play, so quit knocking on my door.

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9 thoughts on “November 5”

  1. Why don’t you come and have lunch with me out by the pool? It’s suppose to be 75 on Monday, or 65 tomorrow. I was just thinking that I don’t get to sit outside and enjoy it much as the fiance doesn’t like to eat outside. Nothing more fun than “lunching” by the pool, not a guy thing I guess. I would love to have a day or two off of work for fun. Although I would enjoy having some real fall weather, but, looks like your already in winter.

  2. I understand that we have to have snow to have water for the lakes and streams. Which also then makes drinking water. And garden water as well. But looking forward to it? Not. And yes I live in a state that gets our fair share. MT. But that doesn’t mean that I have to like it on the roads. I have been known to stay home for as long as 6 weeks because of snow. I just do not like slick roads at all. One night years ago I was thrown from the vehicle in a wreck on a slick road. Me driving in the winter doesn’t happen without a LOT of tears.

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