November 2

Hello Internet.


Today in the USA, it is mid-term election day.


A day where we get to choose to tell the government and the world what we think.

I love telling people what I think.

If I didn’t, then I wouldn’t blog.


So, I’m gonna tell you exactly what I think of today’s TWD recipe that Nicole of Bakeologie picked for us.

Peanutiest Blondies.

I think that Superman should not have eaten the chunky peanut butter I was going to use in this.

I also think that Superman should not have eaten all the peanuts that I was going to use in this.

I think I’m going to sentence Superman to the Island of Perpetual Tickling for his crimes.

I think that the peanut butter chips I used in place of said peanuts and the half cup of chocolate chips I used made this extraordinarily good.


Sadly, even though I baked this for 10 minutes over the time called for, I think that I still have goo in the middle, but I’m not concerned.

Goo is good.

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26 thoughts on “November 2”

  1. You are right..Gooo is good….

    I Love blond brownies…I have seen so many different ones. Never with peanuts though so this should be good..your additions, as always, look good…

  2. I didn’t believe it would take as long to cook as Dorie said, but mine ended up cooking exactly the time specified. Always trust Dorie, right? Goo is good. . . love your photos. Get that superman for eating all your stuff!! Men. . .. gotta love them.

  3. You made my dream version of these blondies! Next time I make them for just me, I’m going with chocolate chips and peanut butter chips. They look perfect!

  4. I think mine were drier than I would have liked them so next time, all go for goo.
    The knife in my picture is one of the Henckels knives that we have. I love having good knives in the kitchen!

  5. LOL on Superman…I have super teens who tend to eat everything if I don’t have it locked up…took me three tries to get those Oreo cupcakes baked for MSC b/c they kept finding the Oreos and eating them. Goo is good…well, oozing out and melty looks pretty darn good to me…now what can we sub for those chocolate chips?

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