November 30

Hello last day of November!    I am so glad that you are here.

Today is my usual TWD, but the recipe is more of what I would consider a summer recipe.

It is called Devilish Shortcakes.

They are basically a shortcake only with some chocolate in it.

Fresh strawberries are not in season, and that is about the only thing I could think to go with it that I would like.

I did come across a blog that put bananas and strawberries in it…kinda like a banana split.   Brilliant!!!

If you’d like the recipe go check out Tania’s blog.

November 29

Hey there Internets!


I didn’t post yesterday because I was tired.

And slept until the last minute before church.

Why?  oh why would I do such a thing?

Because the girl had called me at dark o’clock waaaaaaaay after I had fallen asleep on Saturday evening to tell me she was at the ER and could I please come.

Nothing wakes a person up faster than a call like that.

So away I went.

Luckily it was just a wee cut on her head and needed only 2 stitches, but we were there till 2:39.

Yes, I looked at the clock.

I did a lot of looking at the clock.

One does when they are in the ER and all they want is to be back in their bed at home.

One also sleeps until the very last minuted before having to get up after a night/wee morning time like that.


So I am thankful that it was only a wee cut and not life threatening.


I am also nosy.


How do you catch up on your sleep when you have been sleep deprived?


Do you try to make up for it all at once, like I did and went to bed early last night and slept 1o hours straight?


Do you hope you will catch up an extra hour or so during the week?


Do you think you will catch up on the next weekend?


I need to know.   I must know.   I am nosy!





November 26

Happy Friday y’all.


Mother called me at dark’o’thirty from the mall asking a question about something to purchase for Superman.  She stated that she had been up since 4am.


I was still asleep.


5 minutes later, the Sister called to tell me that she and her fam were out and about shopping and she had gotten up at 2:30am to get there.


Am I the only sane person in my family???


No, wait…don’t answer that.


I did not make FFwD.   Oh, I did make one of her recipes…the beloved potato gratin from 2 weeks ago, but seriously…yesterday was Thanksgiving, and there was way to much food already.


I couldn’t have possibly made anything else.


So, I have a question for you today to help with the wee debate we had yesterday afternoon.


Do you call it dressing or stuffing?




November 24

Some random bits of information.

♦  Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise…but it also makes them pretty much useless the next day around 4pm

♠  Stuffmart is blissfully quiet around 5:30 am

♣  So is McDonalds drive through

☺ I know that wearing socks with crocks is UG. LY, but I just can’t help myself

♫ I am so happy that Jennifer Grey won Dancing With the Stars.   Dirty Dancing is one of my all time favorite movies.

☼  Don’t get the bagel sandwich from McDonalds.   The McGriddle is so much better.

◄ When you go to Stuffmart at 5:30am to get cream, cool whip, and milk, don’t forget the milk


November 23

Hey there TWD’ers.

Today is a rewind day.

A day where we are allowed to make something that we missed or something that we wanted to make again.

I had in mind to make something called Snickery Squares, but the girl came over yesterday and spent almost the entire day with me.

I enjoyed time with my girl instead of making anything.

I hope everyone has a wonderful family filled Thanksgiving.

I know that I will.

November 22

Hey Internet.

It is Monday again, and I am nosy.


I want to know…


  1. If you were on a game show and could phone a friend for help, who would your lifelines be for sports, arts & music, literature, history and geography, and science?
  2. When you need someone with muscles to help you, who’s the first one you call?
  3. When you need some creative help with ideas for a project, who’s the first person you call?
  4. When you have a moral dilemma and need advice, on whom do you rely most?
  5. When you need to know the best way to get somewhere, which of your directionally-gifted friends do you call upon first?



1.  Uhhh…I have no idea who I’d call.


2.  The boy is the first one I call for help when I need muscles.


3.  I call my mom when I need creative help.   She is so gifted in this area.


4.  I call Sister for advice first.


5.  I Google map something or I ask my GPS


How about you?