handy manny

Superman has spent the last 3 weeks at home on air quote vacation air quote.

He has spent a good portion of his air quote vacation air quote sleeping in, but I have had a nice long ‘honey do’ list for him.

on ladder
Yesterday found him putting plastic on the side of our sun porch so that when the winter weather comes, the plastic will keep it out.

Today will find him steam cleaning our carpets.

Anyone have anything they need done?

I can just add it to the list.

October 13

My cat Grace has begun to take on a proprietorial air.

For the last couple of months, she meets me on my bed after I get out of the shower and demands that I pet her.

Before I can even get dressed.

If I don’t, she will paw at me till I do.

When I lay on my bed to read a book, she will lay on my hands, wallow on the top of the pages, and generally make a nuisance of herself till I pet her., talk to her, or in some way acknowledge her presence.

on the floor

When I laid out the quilt on the floor, to pin the bottom to the top, she sat on it so I couldn’t move it.


pinning it up

We ended up having to lock the poor girl up so that I could finish.


grace 1

When I tied off the quilt, she thought that I had the string out just for her.


grace 2

At least she keeps my feet warm.

October 12

apples and caramel

I will never forget the first street fair that I ever went to.

The parents purchased me a caramel apple, because I think I begged.

I am not above begging for caramel.

fruit in crust

I ate the caramel and the peeling off the apple, and then it was all….healthy apple on a stick, and who wants to eat that after they just had this fabulous layer of caramel?

Certainly not me.


Ever since that delightful fall day, I have been totally enthralled with all things caramel.

The only thing that can make caramel better is if it is covered in chocolate.

push crust over

When I saw today’s TWD recipe Fold-Over Pear Torte, I knew I wasn’t going to use pears but apples.

Pears are rather gritty and I have texture issues.


We were supposed to add dried apricots and raisins to the pears.

I really don’t do dried fruit.

So I substituted caramel bits, because nothing goes better with apples than caramel.

Dorie tells us to put the spring form pan on a parchment-ed cookie sheet, but I was all…’she has suggest this before and I have never needed it before, and I just don’t want to waste a sheet of parchment’.

burnt custard

Dorie, I am sorry I doubted you.

I don’t know how, but my custard oozed.

Out the bottom.

It must have been allergic to apple.

If you’d like the recipe to this delightfully fall torte, go check out Cakelaw’s blog Laws of the Kitchen.

This is what’s for dessert tonight, so I haven’t cut into it yet…


Okay…half an hour later I just couldn’t resist.

It is out of this world fabulous.

The caramelly custard…warmed ever so slightly…mmmmmmmm

October 11

Happy Monday, Internet.


I hope that y’all had a great weekend.


I sure did.


I am nosy today…well…I’m nosy every day….


I want to know what you had for breakfast yesterday.


I had a bowl of cereal before rushing out the door for church.



October 8

It is Friday, Internet, and it is time for FFwD.

French Fridays with Dorie.

Today’s recipe is Gerard’s Mustard Tart.

I am a huge fan of tarts.

Gerard might be great too, but mustard?


Oh…I’ll eat a small squirt on my burger.

A very small squirt.

I’ll put small squirts in my egg, potato, tuna, pasta and ham salads, but beyond that…


So!   No Mustard tart.

Sorry Dorie.

October 7


My birthday was this past Sunday.



The boy and the wife came over to eat lunch with us.


birthday 2

The girl has been missing her brother pretty badly.




birthday 3

So she let him know that if he doesn’t come back on a regular basis, that this would be his punishment every. single. time.