October 22

Bonjour Internet. Il est le vendredi.   (Hi Internet.   It is Friday)

It is also FFwD, and Pothole had all the stuff to make today’s recipe.

Yay me!

chopped up beef

Hachis Parmentier.

It is pronounced  HA she – PAR men TEE ay.

Roughly translated Shepherds Pie.


Basically you chop a pot roast up, boil it with some veggies and herbs.

Strain the broth, chop the meat.

Fry some sausage.

Make some mashed potatoes.

Mix the meats with some other good stuff.


Top with mashed potatoes.

Sprinkle with Gruyere (French Swiss) cheese…which I didn’t have, doggoneit…then some Parmesan cheese.



Oh…Internet.   This is soooooooooooo good.

No veggies, just meat and potatoes.

Total comfort food.

I’ll be making this again.   It is just so quick to make, and if you don’t have a roast to boil, you can just fry some burger with your sausage and use it instead.

If you’d like the recipe, go check out our FFwD blog

October 21

Do you remember August 2008?

Neither do I.

Fortunately I do have photographs, and that helps the failing memory.

If you don’t remember the summer of 2008, the house across the street got a face lift.

Since then nothing has happened.



The neighborhood thought that the house would remain empty, but this past week the owner began to work on it again.


Maybe now the lawn will get mowed regularly next summer.



October 20

doing homework

Last week one of the girls friends came over.

They thought that they’d do some home work together.

Please don’t let this picture fool you.


1.  Even though Chemistry books are open and pencil is in hand, talking about Chloe, school and other things does not constitute as Chemistry.

2.  No one smiles when they have to do home work.



October 19


The Mother likes to share the story of when I was very little I didn’t like Thanksgiving.

She says that I would say “I don’t like Thanksgiving, there is just. to. much. food!”


Oh…little CC…you were just so naive.

And obviously, I have done a complete 180.


One Thanksgiving food that I just never cared for was pumpkin pie.

To me pumpkin pie is bland.


Nothing like a pecan pie, peanut butter pie, or mom’s apple pie.


Then there is the whole texture issue…


I almost didn’t make today’s Caramel Pumpkin Pie that Janelle of Mortensen Family Memoirs chose for use to make for today’s TWD.


But my friend C loves PP, so I halved the recipe and am giving it to her.

I hope she likes it.

October 18

It is Monday Internet.


Another week to do something great.


Superman’s air quote vacation air quote has officially ended.


Over this weekend, he cleaned the carpets, and I rearranged a few pieces of furniture.


Unfortunately, one of my antique’s wheels has put rust stains on my creamish carpet.


Anyone have any idea how to get it out???


Now on to my nosy question.


Do you still have your senior yearbook?


Do you know where it is?


Do you like your senior picture?


I didn’t get a senior year book.   I do have my 7th and 8th grade year book, and it is on my book shelf where from time to time, Superman pulls it out just to get a laugh.



October 17

Hi there Internet!

How ya doin’ today?

Today I am thankful.

I’m thankful for…

♥  Freshly cleaned carpets

♥ Delightfully fresh and crisp Autumn air and the colors of the leaves

♥  Time spent with my parents

♥ God’s provision

What are you thankful for?


OH….and this is for my Aunt Sandy.


October 15

Hello there Internet.


It is Friday, which means it is time for FFwD.


Today’s recipe is Spicy Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup


Now I live in Pothole, Ohio.


Population 10,000.


Which means I don’t have many grocery stores to choose from, and the ones that I do have to choose from have your basic essentials, with some “exotic” choices thrown in…like Ghiradelli chocolate or basmatti rice.


Star Anise~~gag a maggot!   I can not stand licorice


Dried red chillies~~not on your life


Coconut milk~~check


Chinese egg noodles~~couldn’t find it to save my life.   Substituting rice


Asian Fish sauce~~not even on the radar.  Substituting soy sauce




So my recipe would be more like “nowhere near Spicy kinda sorta Oriental Chicken Rice Soup”….if I had actually made it.


I had every intention to do so.   I purchased all the things I could from the local Stuffmart and was ready.


Then a couple of the girl’s friends showed up after school and commandeered the kitchen.


For 3 hours.


By the time the kids left, it was 6:30 and I wasn’t about to cook anything!


We ate leftovers instead.