October 26

Hey there Internet.

Today is Tuesday, and I made a pie.

The girl helped me with the filling.

I had her use brown sugar instead of white.


I cut out little apples for the top crust.

But the crust was so fragile that it pulled apart, and the fluted edges just kind of melted off the pie plate.


I sure hope it tastes better than it looks.

I’ll find out tonight when we try it.

If you’d like to make an All-American All-Delicious Apple Pie, go check out Emily’s blog.   She has the recipe.

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21 thoughts on “October 26”

  1. I’d like a piece of that pie – meltage and all. Come to think of it, last time I made this crust, I had the meltage effect too. Well, my crust didn’t even make it into the oven this time, so I have to hand it to you – nice job.

  2. Those are apples for the top crust? They look like sweet little acorns to me. You must let us know how it tastes because a little messy has never slowed me down before.

  3. I’ve had problems with the edges melting off… seems like it was when I used Dorie’s crust and folded the top crust under the bottom so it had a real thick edge. You’ll notice I didn’t do that this time, LOL.

    Hope it tasted great, though.

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