October 20

doing homework

Last week one of the girls friends came over.

They thought that they’d do some home work together.

Please don’t let this picture fool you.


1.  Even though Chemistry books are open and pencil is in hand, talking about Chloe, school and other things does not constitute as Chemistry.

2.  No one smiles when they have to do home work.



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13 thoughts on “October 20”

  1. How cute! Are you still homeschooling? We are in year nine of homeschooling and summer break can’t come quick enough. My real problem is my youngest is only 2. I have 16 more years to school the kids!!!!

      1. I am envious that you only have one more year. Although, when I finally get to the finish line I will probably be sad to end such a long chapter of my life! What will you do with your free time after next year? Quilt? Knit? Those are the things I look forward to doing.

  2. Good photographers are always looking for the perfect camera angle. Is there any reason why you chose this particular camera angle?

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