October 18

It is Monday Internet.


Another week to do something great.


Superman’s air quote vacation air quote has officially ended.


Over this weekend, he cleaned the carpets, and I rearranged a few pieces of furniture.


Unfortunately, one of my antique’s wheels has put rust stains on my creamish carpet.


Anyone have any idea how to get it out???


Now on to my nosy question.


Do you still have your senior yearbook?


Do you know where it is?


Do you like your senior picture?


I didn’t get a senior year book.   I do have my 7th and 8th grade year book, and it is on my book shelf where from time to time, Superman pulls it out just to get a laugh.



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  1. Lemon juice and a hair dryer might work, or zout stain remover, or white wizard.
    Yes I have my senior yearbook.
    Yes, I know where it is.
    NO I don’t like my senior picture and I don’t know how it was selected to be in the book since I threw that particular proof away.

  2. We did have all the yearbooks from 2nd to the year I graduated, but our house burned and now we have the last 4 years of high school and a couple of singed ones. They are in my closet, I pull them out when someone wants to be added as my friend on facebook and I don’t remember who they are.

  3. I have my yearbook.
    I think it’s in the basement or on the bottom of the bookshelf in the office.
    I hate my picture:)

    You didn’t get one because we moved from OK to MO your senior year, is that right? I can’t rememher

  4. There is something they sell here in Texas called Wink it’s in a brown bottle and is sold in the cleaning supply isle by the silver cleaner. It’s great!
    I have my senior yearbook, but the one I liked when I was a sophomore was lost in a fire a couple of weeks ago, my 1982 victorian queen anne home burned. My ex husband had moved out of it, but all of our antiques where there waiting to be moved out. It was a great loss.

      1. Yes, it was sad, I hadn’t lived there for a year or so, but, as I said all of our things were still there. I left them so ex wouldn’t have an empty house. Plus my ex-mother in law had painted all my murals on the front parlor and two bedrooms. Just memories, and lots of love went into restoration. I’ll email you the link where you can see the inside. She was a beauty.

          1. Yes, that was a blessing, and the Fort Worth Fire Department was outstanding, kind beyond belief and so helpful. They are the best!!

  5. Yep, sure shootin’ I have my senior yearbook stashed up in the top of ‘Farm Boy’s closet! Shhhhh, it’s from waaaay back in 1970! I’m not tellin’.

    Have ya tried W-D 40. Sometimes the oil will lift rust…then ya have to use the carpet cleaner over it to life out the stinkin’ oil.

    This Ozark farm chick sure enjoyed pokin’ around in here. Nope sister, I didn’t mess anything up! Heeehehe!!!

    Ya’ll have a beautifully blessed day from the colorful hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa!!!

  6. I do still have my yearbook. It is in a box upstairs. I guess I should get it out sometime for the kids to look at. My picture was okay. Certainly better than any recent pictures of me.
    I’m not sure about how to get rust stains out, but I know shaving cream takes out a lot of different stains from carpet and upholstery.

  7. For the rust try a mix of dish detergent (Dawn is best) and baking soda made into a paste..
    This can be used to scrub mold in a bathroom shower insert..it works great..

    I have a year book form every year I was in HS..unfortunately they are all packed…I “thought” I would be moved by now! (Of course you have to sell your house first to do that in most cases!)

  8. Oooh..here’s some more ideas for the rust…


    Here are some inexpensive home remedies that also work for removing rust:

    – Lemon juice mixed with a little salt will clean, freshen and brighten. Spray directly onto the carpet and let sit for a few hours. Afterwards, blot with a cool damp cloth.

    – Make a paste of cream of tarter and water
    . Apply directly to the stain and let sit. Clean off with a damp sponge.

    – Pour vinegar directly onto the carpet and let sit. After a couple of hours wipe with a damp cloth.

    If none of these removal methods work, you have a couple of other options. The first is to go to your hardware store or supermarket and scan the shelves for appropriate rust removal agents. Before purchasing, be sure the product isn’t going to ruin your particular type of carpet. No matter what the label tells you, test some of the product first on a hidden area of your carpet. (Behind a wall unit, a closet floor or under furniture is probably your best bet.) Follow the instructions accordingly.

  9. I had a senior yearbook. I hated my picture and the year book was pitched during our move. We don’t have any mice here and had no need for it.
    As for your stain on your carpet, go buy a throw rug. That is what grandma would do.

  10. I have my all my high school yearbooks. My senior yearbook, in particular, is in a secret location. There are “things” in there that my children NEVER need to know!

    Hope you get the rust out. There is a rust remover for porcelain/potty type things…don’t know if that would be suitable for carpet.

  11. Yes, I have my senior yearbook. I was the academic editor for that book. I love my yearbook. (Have the other three also)

    My senior picture is OK but the pictures from my prom are crazy! It’s a long story but let;s say that I had my hair ratted up into a phenomenal beehive (never, ever wore it this way) and I left my thick glasses at home. My date was a college sophomore who no one knew.

    Bottom line. Nobody at the prom knew who I was. They thought a dumb bunny had come to the wrong dance!! It was very funny.

  12. i do have my senior year book…it’s in a box upstairs. my picture makes me laugh…mostly the hairsprayed bangs…but i was 16 and happy, so i don’t mind it so much.

    stains, tho, drive me crazy. i just got one on my brand new couch and am so upset with myself!

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