October 15

Hello there Internet.


It is Friday, which means it is time for FFwD.


Today’s recipe is Spicy Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup


Now I live in Pothole, Ohio.


Population 10,000.


Which means I don’t have many grocery stores to choose from, and the ones that I do have to choose from have your basic essentials, with some “exotic” choices thrown in…like Ghiradelli chocolate or basmatti rice.


Star Anise~~gag a maggot!   I can not stand licorice


Dried red chillies~~not on your life


Coconut milk~~check


Chinese egg noodles~~couldn’t find it to save my life.   Substituting rice


Asian Fish sauce~~not even on the radar.  Substituting soy sauce




So my recipe would be more like “nowhere near Spicy kinda sorta Oriental Chicken Rice Soup”….if I had actually made it.


I had every intention to do so.   I purchased all the things I could from the local Stuffmart and was ready.


Then a couple of the girl’s friends showed up after school and commandeered the kitchen.


For 3 hours.


By the time the kids left, it was 6:30 and I wasn’t about to cook anything!


We ate leftovers instead.





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6 thoughts on “October 15”

  1. By the way, what’s the difference between chinese egg noodles and american egg noodles? (I like rice noodles better than both anyway.)

  2. I love they way your write.
    I didn’t make the soup either, but actually thought I would. Not even coconut milk in sight ’round me. (But I could tell the spot where they were just out of it at our Stuffmart.) Couldn’t find star anise anywhere, or even bean sprouts. The soup just wasn’t going to happen. But I’d certainly eat a bowl if served some. 😉

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