October 13

My cat Grace has begun to take on a proprietorial air.

For the last couple of months, she meets me on my bed after I get out of the shower and demands that I pet her.

Before I can even get dressed.

If I don’t, she will paw at me till I do.

When I lay on my bed to read a book, she will lay on my hands, wallow on the top of the pages, and generally make a nuisance of herself till I pet her., talk to her, or in some way acknowledge her presence.

on the floor

When I laid out the quilt on the floor, to pin the bottom to the top, she sat on it so I couldn’t move it.


pinning it up

We ended up having to lock the poor girl up so that I could finish.


grace 1

When I tied off the quilt, she thought that I had the string out just for her.


grace 2

At least she keeps my feet warm.

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13 thoughts on “October 13”

  1. How cute…we have a cat that whenever we change the sheets he comes running in from whatever room he is in, and jumps under the sheet as it comes down on the bed…it is like having a toddler trying to help make the bed…cats are so so funny…

  2. We used to have a cat that I would joke was more dog than cat. She would wait outside the bathroom door when I showered, and she would come when I called her. She was also very clumsy. She would trip sometimes going down the stairs and she would fall off the back of the padded kitchen chairs we had. They were one of her favourite places to have a quick nap, but she would fall asleep and then lose her balance.

  3. And this is exactly why I don’t understand it when people say that their cats are so aloof and not at all as friendly as a dog. Now that I have both a cat and dog living in the house, I’ll take the cat any day.

  4. Cats believe it is all about them. Tommy thinks we were put on this earth just to please him and tend to his every desire. He even allows Jarrod to sleep in his bed and cover up with his comforter.

  5. Our cat does the same thing when my mom tries to quilt. Even with all the fabric covering her cutting table the cat knows exactly which pieces my mom is using. It’s hilarious. We say the cat is doing “quality control”.

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