October 12

apples and caramel

I will never forget the first street fair that I ever went to.

The parents purchased me a caramel apple, because I think I begged.

I am not above begging for caramel.

fruit in crust

I ate the caramel and the peeling off the apple, and then it was all….healthy apple on a stick, and who wants to eat that after they just had this fabulous layer of caramel?

Certainly not me.


Ever since that delightful fall day, I have been totally enthralled with all things caramel.

The only thing that can make caramel better is if it is covered in chocolate.

push crust over

When I saw today’s TWD recipe Fold-Over Pear Torte, I knew I wasn’t going to use pears but apples.

Pears are rather gritty and I have texture issues.


We were supposed to add dried apricots and raisins to the pears.

I really don’t do dried fruit.

So I substituted caramel bits, because nothing goes better with apples than caramel.

Dorie tells us to put the spring form pan on a parchment-ed cookie sheet, but I was all…’she has suggest this before and I have never needed it before, and I just don’t want to waste a sheet of parchment’.

burnt custard

Dorie, I am sorry I doubted you.

I don’t know how, but my custard oozed.

Out the bottom.

It must have been allergic to apple.

If you’d like the recipe to this delightfully fall torte, go check out Cakelaw’s blog Laws of the Kitchen.

This is what’s for dessert tonight, so I haven’t cut into it yet…


Okay…half an hour later I just couldn’t resist.

It is out of this world fabulous.

The caramelly custard…warmed ever so slightly…mmmmmmmm

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24 thoughts on “October 12”

  1. Totally laughed at your street fair story…as a kid I would get in so much trouble for not eating the “apple” part of the caramel apple.

    I think this torte was a challenge for many bakers, myself included. Still, it was tasty!

  2. This is what I love about your blog – reading how and why you made substitutions in the recipe. It makes me smile every time! I agree with you about pears. I hate them because of that grittiness. This recipe with the caramel and the apple looks fantastic.

  3. I think it looks gorgeous, and way better than a caramel apple! I always found those a disappointment too. Love your apple sticks, though before I read about the caramel bits, I wondered if you had put hazelnuts or dried chickpeas in your torte!

  4. I Love the idea of the Caramel (one of my favorite flavors) in the Torte….it could be used with pears too..but the apples…Caramel apples..yum…one of the best parts of Fall…Looks delicious…
    I DO like some of your variation ideas!
    (Whenever a recipe calls for dried fruit I use cranberries…raisins are ok in oatmeal cookies (but so are the cranberries) I don’t care for apricots in baking, either, although I do eat them occasionally…

  5. i thought those caramel bit were hazelnuts when i first saw them! caramel and apples are always good together. i didn’t have leaky custard, but i did have a huge amount of liquid fat that seeped out of the pan. was thankful for that sheet tray, too!

  6. Wow, I learned a lot over here today. I learned that I NEED TO FIND CARAMEL BITS ASAP, those look really good and sound even better than they look. Going in search of. I learned what something looks like with seepage, never had that before, so that was interesting. Learned that you don’t like fruit as much as I thought you might. Your torte looks great…I learned I should have left a little bit more of an overhang if I want to get the effect you got. Thanks for the education. BTW, hope you are all well and readying for winter. It’s bound to happen.

  7. I am not above begging for caramel either – even now. I love the addition of caramel, and it sounds as though enough custard stayed put to give you a yummy pie. Thanks for baking with me this week!

  8. So wish I would have gone with apples AND caramel. The pear torte just didn’t work for me. We threw all of it away except the piece in my photo. The pears were all gray and grody the next day. Love caramel, too!

  9. Pears don’t have to be gritty! While your torte is lovely, we’re bummed you didn’t give pears a whirl. Check out our website for all sorts of information on the different varieties of USA Pears and how to ripen them to sweet and juicy perfection! You can find us at http://www.usapears.org.

    happy baking!
    your friends at USA Pears

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