October 5

I am a frugal person.

It is as much a part of me as my eyes are blue.

My grandparents grew up during the depression, and were very frugal. They took frugality and made it look like child’s play.

The very last memory I have of my Grandpa Teal is going over to his house around lunch time.

Grandpa was sitting at his small table with a bowl of beans.

No ham.

No onion.


Just beans.

Also sitting on the table was a jar of apple butter that I had made and given him.

He took his butter knife, stuck it straight down in the jar, pulled it out, and all that remained on the knife is what he spread on his piece of butterless bread.

grated apple

It was that image that stayed in my mind as I made today’s TWD of Double Apple Bundt Cake that Lynn of Honey Muffin picked for us today.

As I poured the cup and a half of apple butter into my batter, I wondered how many pieces of bread it would cover for my grandpa.

This recipe called for raisins, and as you all know, raisins do not belong in baked goods.


butterscotch chips

I also really don’t care for nuts in my cake, so I substituted butterscotch chips.


Today I plan on glazing this with a simple powdered sugar glaze, but I’m going to make it with apple cider.

This is a perfect fall cake.


If you’d like to make this easy, delicious, moist cake, then go check out Lynn’s blog.

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29 thoughts on “October 5”

  1. Tanya when I clicked on your link back on someone elses comment it went to a wordpress page for your blog. Kind of weird. I don’t know why. Just wanted to let you know in case there is a little nome running around somewhere but I think your cake additions are wonderful. I never thought of using butterscotch chips. Go for you!

  2. Ciao Tania ! In Italy no apple butter nor applesauce !! Anyway I love your story, in Italy we had the world wars to change our parents and grandparents’ life and it is important to remember it. I love the Taniased version of this wonderful cake !

  3. I can’t believe you used butterscotch too! Yea. You can tell me how it tastes since I can’t taste mine until Saturday unless I just lose all self control and cut a piece out of it! And I am frugal too. Was raised that way.

  4. Oh, yes, butterscotch would be a lovely addition to this cake…I like the raisins, but I also like lots of ways for mixing it up a bit. Your cake looks lovely. I think your grandfather and one of mine knew each other. His kids always told of how his favorite parts of the chicken were the neck and the wings…it wasn’t until they were all married and gone that the real story came out: he would eat the neck and the wings b/c no one else would and he couldn’t stand the thought of them going to waste when times were tough and then as the kids grew, he just kept eating them so the kids could have the best parts. God bless their souls.

  5. I also have wonderful memories of frugal grandparents. Grandma would have loved this cake–did they have bundt pans 50 years ago? I don’t care for raisins but I do like nuts–your butterscotch chips sound fun. My DIL always adds butterscotch chips to her bananna bread. Good stuff.

  6. As a descedant of frugal people, your story made me smile. I can recall my grandmother making a whole meal out of a potato and a tomato….sliced, olive oil, sauteed with herbs from her garden…truly, might be my very favorite food :).

  7. I love the story of your Grandpa..made me think of my own..love those sweet memories we can treasure in our hearts forever!
    Your cake is the best and I left out those nasty little raisins too.

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