October 1

Welcome to French Friday’s with Dorie.

Our own Dorie Greenspan picked this month’s recipes.

Dorie starts out her cookbook, Around My French Table,  by saying how she had always wanted to go to Paris, and how when she and her husband had gotten a small windfall of money that is what they did with it.


The word that epitomizes romance, mystery and seduction.

I have always wanted to go to France.

Not necessarily Paris, but to the rural areas.

See the country.

Taste French wines.

Speak French as only I know how….very poorly.

Eat croissants, chocolate and French bread.

Soak up the countryside.

egg and dough

Today’s recipe is called Gougères.

scooped out

Pronounced goo-zhere.

Translated as ‘puffs’.

They are basically a pâte à choux (the stuff that sweet cream puffs and profiteroles are made from) with cheese.


Specifically Gruyère.

Since I live in Pothole, and Pothole doesn’t have such fancy schmancy stuff, I went with cheddar.


To be honest, I didn’t think I’d like them.

I’m not really into sweet puffs or profiteroles, but these were fabulous.
They taste a lot like the biscuits that you get at Red Lobster, minus the garlic, plus the flaky.

You can just pop them in your mouth,  stuff them with chicken salad, or egg salad, or tuna salad…if they last that long.

The best thing about these is that they only took about 5 minutes to put together.

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19 thoughts on “October 1”

  1. I love making these. You’re so right – totally fast, and they taste great! I’ve made them several times for “functions” – you know, like my Grammy’s surprise 90th birthday party – stuff like that. I’ve filled them with chicken salad. They disappear so fast!

  2. We got to make a trip to Europe in the spring. Not to France but to Rome and London. The cities are amazing, but wow! a LOT of people! Quite a change for this country girl. If there is ever a next time I would love to spend it in the countryside.

  3. I was kind of worried that my good old Kraft sharp cheddar wouldn’t work, but it turned out just fine. Mine had a few visible chunks too and I kind of liked how they turned out.

    Anyway, nice job, yours look perfect… glad you ended up liking them.

  4. Thank you so much for the pronunciation. I had no idea how to say it. (And have been too lazy to look it up?)
    Mine went flat, twice. But they are getting eaten up. My husband loves them. He loves sweet cream puffs. I don’t care for them–savory or sweet. But I’m happy to have made them. Yours look nice and crispy, I think I didn’t bake mine long enough.

  5. I have spent a grand total of 8 hours in Paris (as a teenager) and I’d love to go back, but I think I’d like the rural areas better, too. These were so easy and good. Yours look delicieux.

  6. I’ll carry your suitcases….. just in case they need carrying.
    Around the French countryside that is.
    Beautiful gougères. I loved them too and so excited that mine puffed. YAY

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