September 6

Happy Labor Day, Internet.

Today we are celebrating those who labor.

Here’s to you Superman.

You labor long and hard for us.  

Thank you so much.

Now go grill me some meat!

September 5

Today I am thankful for…

♥  Cooler weather

♥  A warm bed

♥  Electricity

♥  Bacon

♥  Sleeping in

Are you thankful today?

September 3

Hey Internet!

It is Friday and I am nosy.

  1. What are the coolest and ugliest tattoos you’ve ever seen?
  2. Are you one of those people who has a favorite pen, or one of those people who just uses whatever’s at hand? What’re your favorite pens like?
  3. There’s a box of colored markers on the table, and someone tells everyone assembled to grab one. If you have first pick, what do you take?
  4. Have you ever written on a wall in a public place?


1.  The ugliest tat I have seen~~personally~~ is the one that my SIL did on her hand…blech!    I have seen some cool tat’s but the one that I like the most is the one on the boy’s leg.

2.Yes…I have a favorite pen.   I don’t let anyone else use it.   It is a black gel with a micro fine point.

3.  If there is pink I’ll grab that one, but generally there isn’t so I’d grab red.

4.  Yes.   But don’t tell my mom.

Now it is your turn.

September 2

An Ode to Electricity

~Electricity how I love thee

~Let me count the ways

~You keep my air conditioned in the manner I have become accustomed

~You keep my ice cream frozen

~And my water hot

~You connect my computer to the world wide web

~My lights they glow when it is dark outside

~And my toaster oven toasting my mini frozen pizza

~I never want to be without you.


This is dedicated to the AEP linemen who got some major overtime last night.

For that I am very grateful!

PS.  I learned a few things last night.

1.  People don’t stay inside when it is 90º outside and the electricity is off.  Children quickly forget about the television and run and play like little kids should.  Adults tend to congregate on neightbor’s porches.

2.  While some neighbors are  congregating and their son comes to see what they want from Pizza Hut, and I suggest cheesy bread, I am asked if I want bacon on it.


Bread, cheese, and bacon…oh happy day!

I should write an Ode to Bacon.

September 1

Is anyone else shocked at just how fast this year has flown by?

I am not ready for the cold season.

I finally finished photoshopping the girl’s Senior pictures.

Kirs_11 blog

She brought her cell phone so we could have music while I snapped away.

She didn’t realize that I would be snapping so soon.

Kirs_15 blog

This one is one of my favorites. I love her shoes!

Kirs_18 blog

There is a gazebo in Roscoe Village…which I had no idea was there…so we went there to get some pictures too. The lighting was wonderful!

Kirs_17 blog

Don’t let this picture fool you.

Kirs_10 blog

She is ornery to the core.

Kirs_13 blog

I like this one.

Kirs_12 blog
But this one…the last one I shot…is my absolute favorite.