September 28

Unexpected company shows up.

But seriously, does that actually happen anymore?

Pretend with me anyway.

Unexpected company shows up.

You want to serve them a delightful something, but you haven’t been to the store yet and all you have is 2 apples lying about.

That’s okay because you can whip up a Tart Fine (our TWD recipe that Leslie of Lethally Delicious picked for us today) in 10 minutes~or less.

First go grab a sheet of Puff Pastry out of your freezer.

You don’t have puff pastry in your freezer?

For shame! Go put that on your grocery list now!

I’ll wait.

butter and sugar

Lightly roll it out your puff pastry.   Chop up some butter and sprinkle with sugar.


Slice your apples thin, and slightly over lap them on top of the butter and sugar.

more butter and sugar

Melt a wee bit more butter, dab it on top of the apples, sprinkle with more sugar and bake.

After a half an hour of visiting with friends, pull it out of the oven.


Glaze it with apricot jam, unless you have no apricot jam and then you use some fabulous jam that a great friend sent you all the way from Texas.


You can serve warm, or room temperature.

Dorie suggests warm, but it is wonderful either way.

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29 thoughts on “September 28”

  1. I guess I don’t have to worry about calling ahead. I’ll just show up. That’s what country cousins do, isn’t it? Show up at inconvenient times and take over the house?
    By the way. We’re going to the U.P. and be a ‘Yooper’ for a week, then drop down and see your Aunt Marty and family on the way back.

    1. You and your lovely wife are ALWAYS welcome here. I am still trying to figure a way to grind an orange so I can make those cookies.

      Please give Aunt Marty my love.

      You all are so dear to my heart.

  2. Looks fantastic, and I could eat that jam with a spoon. unexpected company? I don’t get much, cause I move too much for people to find me, and when they do, I’m still in my bathrobe no matter what time of day! There’s always dessert, though.

  3. Unexpected company shows up when the laundry hamper is overflowing (mine is not hidden), the floors are unswept and the sink is full of dirty dishes.
    Or if you’re my mother-in-law, unexpected company is expected most days of the week, especially this time of year. Between her large family, and my father-in-law’s work colleagues, and hunting partners, she never knows who or how many might show up for supper. Their place is always the centre of the family, and that’s why I love them so much 🙂
    This tart looks delicious. My quick go-to recipes are brownies or cinnamon roll biscuits. I might have to add this to the repertoire.

  4. Oh I bet that jam was so good! Mine just wasn’t that good. Maybe because I forgot to glaze it! I would prefer an apple crisp! Or just a baked apple with brown sugar and cinnamon. Yours however is to die for.

  5. You keep this up and you’re going to have a lot of people dropping by your house (granted, it’s a long trip for most of us) hoping you’ll make them an apple tart. Look fabulous, by the way. Thanks for baking with me this week!

  6. I’ll have to try that just to make sure it is good enough for unexpected company…oh, wait a minute…we’re on a diet…bummer…I guess we just have to make unexpected company a big tossed salad! 🙂

  7. Your are so right – this is the perfect dish to whip up for unexpected guests – especially now that I have bought the puff pastry. Love the sound of the jam – mmmm.

  8. Hooray for jam from Texas!!! Made in Texas too, so it’s not just sent from Texas. ; ) I’ve been smiling all day that “my” jam made it on your blog, LOL. Mostly I’m just happy that you like it! When you need more just let me know.

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