September 27

Hey Internet.

It is the beginning of a new week, and I have some fun news for y’all.

Well, you might not enjoy it, but I certainly am.

Starting this Friday, myself and a whole bunch of other people around the world are going to start FFwD.  French Friday’s with Dorie.

If you’d like to read about this new project, check the small article out here.

Now, I’m not going to be doing it every single Friday, because 1. I live in Pothole, and even though Pothole has Walmart and Aldi, and 2 other grocery stores none of them boast of anything remotely French, and 2. I don’t eat mussels, or escargot, or some other strange things that the French eat.  To say nothing of the Celery-Celery soup recipe, because this girl does. not. like. celery!

So what is to happen to Nosy Friday?

It is now moving to a new location and new time, just like CSI Miami…Nosy Monday.

So dear Internet…It is Monday and I am nosy.

If I hopped into your car to go on a ride with you at this very minute, what music would your radio be playing?

If you joined me in my car we’d be listening to Country.

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22 thoughts on “September 27”

  1. My radio is pretty much always on Air1 ( – I’m always so relieved that it’s pretty much nationwide and can pick it up wherever I go! I’m seriously dependent!

  2. At this hour, it would be Glenn Beck. Surprised?

    And if you don’t like that, there is probably a traditional Christian CD in the player.

    Or we could turn it off and just sing to our heart’s content!

  3. Sorry, I like to annoy my children this way too, but you DO eat “muscles” (steak, chicken). It would be “mussels” that you don’t eat.
    Now, if you were in my car I would have the local radio station on. We live so far north we really only have maybe 5 options. The local stations plays, I guess a lot of Top 40, with a lot of old ones mixed in that take me back to high school memories. But really I turn it off half the time because so many of the songs are just so crude, and I can’t stand them.

  4. No words…something soft and soothing…I’m stressed. Thanks for asking!

    Course I am wondering what a gal who doesn’t like French cooking is doing with the new Friday developments. I’ll be checking back as I’m quite sure that I missed something.

  5. What we would be listening to would depend on whether my hubby changed the station or not. He likes talk radio on the AM and I like KLOVE. Since I wasn’t in the car with him last night I don’t know what is on the radio right now.

  6. I don’t listen to music when I drive,but if I did it would be Southern Gospel.My foot seems to get a little heavy when I listen and drive !!

  7. Z88.3 Contemporary Christian Music….. I guess when you visit…. I will drive…… driver picks the radio station! House rule!

  8. National Public Radio. I am boring.
    Hey, can anyone else join this French Fries with Dorie thing? I work so Tuesdays are bad, but I could possibly do Fridays! What are the details?

  9. Yay for FFWD. No escargot coming from here either, but it will be fun to cook/bake along with some of the yummy recipes.
    My car would be playing the music on a Looney Tunes DVD that’s on in the car.

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