September 24

Once upon a time….

In a land far, far away…

There lived a Chocolatechic and her Superman.

One day CC said to Superman, “It’s time.”

He flew her right to the hospital.

And she brought forth a beautiful baby girl.

They named her the girl.

And their lives were never the same again.

Kirs in dress Great Grandma crocheted me

What I want to know is how, in the blink of an eye, she went from this

Kirs_12 blog
to this.

Happy Birthday my darling girl.

You make me smile.

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11 thoughts on “September 24”

  1. It does happen ever so fast. Seems like yesterday, I would take you places with me in your cute little dresses and people would tell me what a cute little girl I had.I just let them think you were mine. I miss those days. Happy Happy Birthday to you Kirsten. Aunt Lucy loves you very much.

  2. She went from a precious baby girl to a lovely young lady so very quickly!! Sorry I missed your birthday on the day but wishing you all the best for the coming year.

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