September 20

Sunday’s are quickly becoming my favorite day of the week.

Sunday’s are the day that The Boy and The Wife come to eat lunch, chat and nap.

Sunday’s it seems that life is everything good.

red in the hair

So after all the eating and cleaning up, the girl brought down her hair bleach AND dye, so that I could spend 3 hours doing red highlights and blond highlights on her hair.

Then the boy piped up and said, “I want red”

dean in red too

Still can’t refuse those eyes.


If he would have sat still for just a second or 10, I could have gotten a non-fuzzy picture, but since he didn’t, you get fuzz.

And the end result for the girl?

Subtle but there.


She ran out the door to church almost as soon as I was finished.

You’ll just have to imagine.

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