September 16

Yesterday I saw this new clip of Tim Hawkins.

I ♥ Tim Hawkins.

I thought I’d share with you.

In other news,  I’m having a Pampered Chef party tonight.

So today will be busy with all the getting ready.

We are going to have so much fun.

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3 thoughts on “September 16”

  1. Oh my! This is soooo funny to me because both John and I found ourselves in “incidents” at the home yesterday. I was whispering under my breath…”go find the hand sanitizer.” Between the two of us, my grandmother and her roomie must have thought we were jacks in the box on speed. Thanks for this!

    Oh, have a lot of fun with your party. I love the way they feed you at Pampered Chef parties and some of my favorite recipes come from there.

  2. We have sanitizer on our welcome desk at church. It was used quite frequently during that spell of the flu. You didn’t tell me what time the party was. Enjoy.

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