September 14

butter and sugar

Sometimes I am baking when one or more of the girl’s friends are over visiting.

It never ceases to amaze me when I hand them a beater to lick and they say something to the affect of “I’ve never licked a beater before.”

boiling away


As far back as I can remember, my mom would hand Sister and I a beater to lick, and when the chips came along, I did the same.

Now that the boy is married and out of the house, I have extra beaters….all for myself! muahahahahahahaha!


The batter for this Cranberry Pineapple Upsidedowner is just so good.

Not only did I lick the beaters, I got to lick the spatula aaaaand the bowl.



I only made 2 changes to this recipe.

I used brown sugar instead of white in the topping, and I used the drained pineapple juice instead of milk in the batter.   I think that it gives it a bit of oomph…and then there is always that ‘waste not, want not’ thing.

If you’d like this recipe, go check out Sabrina’s blog….she has the recipe.

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25 thoughts on “September 14”

  1. Am I your first comment of the day? Woo hoo. I’m up early this morning. Love that you used brown sugar with the pineapple. That sounds just like what my mom used to make. It was one of my favorite desserts when I was little. We loved this recipe.

  2. I love the brown sugar idea…your so good!!
    I still am amazed at what some kids missed in beater licking..what the heck! I remember my niece looking at me baking cookies one time and saying where is the tube the dough came in! Fortunaltely my kids have had all the beater and bowl licking thier hearts could desire!!

  3. I agree with you…licking the beaters is one of life’s greatest joys. John licks all the beaters around here. I get the spatula. This cake looks yummy, I’m off to find the recipe.

  4. wow, I am SO making a note to try this with pineapple. I almost wanna jump right back into the kitchen and make me a pineapple one right now. Also, way to go with the ‘waste not want not’. I hate wasted food. I did a White Peach version.

  5. I do very much love pineapple upside down cake. Grandma Murnahan used to make it with brown sugar and that is how I make it. I will have to try the juice in the batter. I am sure it was yummy. I am a beater licker from way back.

  6. I grew up licking the spoon, bowl, etc. We had to fight my dad for them. My husband has never licked and thinks it’s kind of gross. He doesn’t even like cookie dough. Crazy! So far, looks like just my youngest is going to be my cookie dough eater/batter licker. The other three don’t seem to like it either.
    Love the idea of the crushed pineapple instead of rings!

  7. I love pineapple upside down cake. yUM! How sad tho to know those kids never had that pleasure. So many moms today just serve fast food or premade. They do a great disservice to their children. Your kids and their friends are lucky they have you. 🙂

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