September 9

So my computer guy came over yesterday morning at 9am.

He clicked different things, went through all sorts of diagnostics, and generally fiddlefarted around.

He had good news.   I did not have a virus.

That was a huge relief.

And bad news. My hard drive was going bad.


And if I didn’t want the black screen of death to surprise me any time soon, I needed a new one.

So this morning I am typing to you from a brand spankin’ new hard drive.   It is so tiny it is sitting ON my desk instead of under it.

My computer guy stayed at my house for 5 hours and charged me a whopping $130….for a house call.

I heart my computer guy.


Dear Superman,

When you come into the bedroom at a quarter till dark with the stealth of an elephant stampede, I tend to wake up and not go back to sleep.

Next time, please use your sniper skills.

If you need cliff notes, here they are.

Plenty of sleep = happy wife

Not enough sleep = cranky, sarcastic wife


The Latter

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7 thoughts on “September 9”

  1. Yay computer guy!
    I have a husband with zero stealth skills. He doesn’t get it because he can fall asleep in 2 minutes, and sleep through anything. I wake up easily, and have a hard time going back to sleep.

  2. Yay for a new hard drive! Good thing that you got it attended to quickly. I’d have gone into denial and lost everything again for the third time.

    As for hubby being quiet in the night…yes, so very important. Stealth, sniper moves are perfect. I’ll use those terms with mine and see how it goes.

  3. My hubby is like a bull in a china shop. When I ask him to be quiet(after he has awakened me) He says,”Oh, were you asleep?”
    Glad you got your computer fixed.

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