September 8

Last night my friend C came over for supper.

She has been coming over on Tuesday evenings for the last 3 years.   

Anyway, I was telling her all my computer woes and how FireFox refuses to upload, and how I am stuck with the evil Internet Explorer, and all the frustrations that come along with that.

And the fact that it is taking hours….HOURS to play FrontierVille because IE is running so very slowly.

She asked “Have you run Spybot lately?”

“Err… has been awhile.”

Then I get this tisk…tisk…tisk…look from her that made me feel like a 3 year old.

So I run spybot.

And imunized.

And ran it again.

And reimmunized.

It appears that my beloved comptuer has a virus.


Well, for being 5½ years old, it was due to be sick some time, but why now???  I’m almost to level 31 on FrontierVille.

I guess I’ll have to contact my local comptuer hospital and get it fixed.

PS…Bejeweled Blitz is still running so life isn’t all that bad.

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4 thoughts on “September 8”

  1. Mac computers….no viruses!
    Hope you can get yours cleaned up for a fair price and soon (I know I would be missing mine if it was gone to get fixed).

  2. My computer’s been having issues lately too. My brothers are my computer technicians, but they live too far away to come help me right now. I’m thinking the answer to my issues is probably a new computer, so I think I will probably have to live with it for a while yet.
    You really need to try Google Chrome. It is far better than Explorer.

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