September 2

An Ode to Electricity

~Electricity how I love thee

~Let me count the ways

~You keep my air conditioned in the manner I have become accustomed

~You keep my ice cream frozen

~And my water hot

~You connect my computer to the world wide web

~My lights they glow when it is dark outside

~And my toaster oven toasting my mini frozen pizza

~I never want to be without you.


This is dedicated to the AEP linemen who got some major overtime last night.

For that I am very grateful!

PS.  I learned a few things last night.

1.  People don’t stay inside when it is 90º outside and the electricity is off.  Children quickly forget about the television and run and play like little kids should.  Adults tend to congregate on neightbor’s porches.

2.  While some neighbors are  congregating and their son comes to see what they want from Pizza Hut, and I suggest cheesy bread, I am asked if I want bacon on it.


Bread, cheese, and bacon…oh happy day!

I should write an Ode to Bacon.


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6 thoughts on “September 2”

  1. You are just so much fun! I giggle at all your antics and smile whenever I remember them later… are right, what’s not to love about bacon and cheese on bread!!! Love that you can take a simple moment like this and share and preserve it.

  2. It does a person good to have to do without all the things we have come to take for granted. We can discover that we can really make conversation with others and actually talk with our children. They can realize there is life other than TV. Good post, Tanya. Funny too.

  3. We lost power on one of the hottest nights of summer and what you saw is so very true. Even Nan was out on the deck and our neighbors came over and we had a lovely time chatting until nearly midnight. We finally went to bed, but the lights didn’t come on until five a.m. So, how was the bread? I’ll be looking for an ode to bacon soon.

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