September 1

Is anyone else shocked at just how fast this year has flown by?

I am not ready for the cold season.

I finally finished photoshopping the girl’s Senior pictures.

Kirs_11 blog

She brought her cell phone so we could have music while I snapped away.

She didn’t realize that I would be snapping so soon.

Kirs_15 blog

This one is one of my favorites. I love her shoes!

Kirs_18 blog

There is a gazebo in Roscoe Village…which I had no idea was there…so we went there to get some pictures too. The lighting was wonderful!

Kirs_17 blog

Don’t let this picture fool you.

Kirs_10 blog

She is ornery to the core.

Kirs_13 blog

I like this one.

Kirs_12 blog
But this one…the last one I shot…is my absolute favorite.

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13 thoughts on “September 1”

  1. I don’t know how you could possibly choose a favorite, they are all so great. I would love to see her sitting by that lichen covered wall sitting casually, talking on her phone or texting. Then that one would make it even more difficult to pick. You have a way with getting great shots and choosing nice locations. Of course, you also have a very beautiful subject to work with as well…she is gorgeous.

  2. You did a great job with all those shots. Each one shows a different part of her personality.

    As for the year going fast…I’m waffling between where did it go and when will it finally be over.

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