Septemer 30

After the girl and I got out tattoos last Friday, her friends began to show up for a party.

all politeness

I had made some cup cakes and provided icing, color, sprinkles, dragees, edible glitter, etc for them to decorate their own.


It all began rather innocent and polite.

taste of gluten free muffin

But it quickly began to escalate.


Into something very messy.

and worse

The girls got a little wild,


and she spent a lot of time rolling on the floor laughing out loud.

Me?   I stayed far, far away.


September 29

The girl turned 18 last Friday.

I had asked her months before what she wanted for her birthday.

Here at the Chocolatechic household like to be informed and we make lists.

Grocery lists.

Birthday lists

Christmas lists.

The lists make sure that we are getting something that the other person wants.

Guessing causes stress and angst and that is just something I just. don’t. need.


The girl wanted a tattoo for her birthday.

almost finished

I said Okay.

Then a few weeks later she said “Mama, how about we get matching tattoo’s.”

There was no way that I was going to say no to that.

Noon on her birthday found us at the tattoo parlor, along with one of her friends, J.

Kirsten's tatoo

And while the girl smiled and laughed during her tattoo…

My tatoo
I sat there with my butt cheeks clenched, squeezing J’s hand almost the entire time.

You’d think that a 40 year old woman who has given birth…twice…could handle a measly tattoo, but nooo.

At least I didn’t cry.

September 28

Unexpected company shows up.

But seriously, does that actually happen anymore?

Pretend with me anyway.

Unexpected company shows up.

You want to serve them a delightful something, but you haven’t been to the store yet and all you have is 2 apples lying about.

That’s okay because you can whip up a Tart Fine (our TWD recipe that Leslie of Lethally Delicious picked for us today) in 10 minutes~or less.

First go grab a sheet of Puff Pastry out of your freezer.

You don’t have puff pastry in your freezer?

For shame! Go put that on your grocery list now!

I’ll wait.

butter and sugar

Lightly roll it out your puff pastry.   Chop up some butter and sprinkle with sugar.


Slice your apples thin, and slightly over lap them on top of the butter and sugar.

more butter and sugar

Melt a wee bit more butter, dab it on top of the apples, sprinkle with more sugar and bake.

After a half an hour of visiting with friends, pull it out of the oven.


Glaze it with apricot jam, unless you have no apricot jam and then you use some fabulous jam that a great friend sent you all the way from Texas.


You can serve warm, or room temperature.

Dorie suggests warm, but it is wonderful either way.

September 27

Hey Internet.

It is the beginning of a new week, and I have some fun news for y’all.

Well, you might not enjoy it, but I certainly am.

Starting this Friday, myself and a whole bunch of other people around the world are going to start FFwD.  French Friday’s with Dorie.

If you’d like to read about this new project, check the small article out here.

Now, I’m not going to be doing it every single Friday, because 1. I live in Pothole, and even though Pothole has Walmart and Aldi, and 2 other grocery stores none of them boast of anything remotely French, and 2. I don’t eat mussels, or escargot, or some other strange things that the French eat.  To say nothing of the Celery-Celery soup recipe, because this girl does. not. like. celery!

So what is to happen to Nosy Friday?

It is now moving to a new location and new time, just like CSI Miami…Nosy Monday.

So dear Internet…It is Monday and I am nosy.

If I hopped into your car to go on a ride with you at this very minute, what music would your radio be playing?

If you joined me in my car we’d be listening to Country.

September 24

Once upon a time….

In a land far, far away…

There lived a Chocolatechic and her Superman.

One day CC said to Superman, “It’s time.”

He flew her right to the hospital.

And she brought forth a beautiful baby girl.

They named her the girl.

And their lives were never the same again.

Kirs in dress Great Grandma crocheted me

What I want to know is how, in the blink of an eye, she went from this

Kirs_12 blog
to this.

Happy Birthday my darling girl.

You make me smile.

September 23

Hello there Internet.

I had this week of blogging all planned out.

I had something noteworthy for you every single day.

Then life happened, and my remember-er broke.   Just like my DVR.

It seems to happen like that more and more often as the years pass.

So today I’ve got nothing.

Nothing but a couch full of 4 days worth of clean laundry to fold, but it hasn’t happened because the DVR is broken, and I like to do mindless tasks like fold laundry while I’m watching mindless television.

September 22


You have arrived.

At least on the calendar, but the weather is more like July.

You might want to consider collaborating on this so as to not confuse humanity.

In preparation for the upcoming season, the girl and I purchased a sweater for Chloe.

I have never seen a more docile dog than Chloe.

She puts up with all sorts of stuff that we do to her.


But that doesn’t mean she isn’t embarrassed.


September 21

Last week I had a Pampered Chef party.

It was so much fun.

rolos on bananas

For dessert I made a Banana Caramel Ravioli.


I wasn’t sure that I would like it because of the banana’s, but it tasted like a caramel banana bread.

You just take a sheet of croissant rolls, plop on a banana slice and a Rolo cut in half, and top with another sheet.   Cut into  little squares, bake for 10 minutes at 350º.   Drizzle with caramel and voila!   Dessert.

I am thinking that next time I make them I’ll do it without the banana.

I had every intention of making today’s TWD’s Coffee Break Muffins.   I even purchased some chocolate milk to make them with instead of the coffee, because I don’t do coffee.   Don’t be hatin’.   If coffee tasted as good as it smelled, I’d do coffee.

But……I had a bunch of the Ravioli  left over, so I didn’t make the muffins.

I haven’t closed my Pampered Chef party yet, so if you are interested in any product, you can go here, click the ‘shop now’  link at the top of the page.   Type in my name and you can have your items shipped directly to you.  I didn’t realize that it could be done that way.

If you are interested in the Coffeebreak Muffins that Rhiani of Chocoholic Anonymous picked, click on over to Rhiani’s blog and grab the recipe there.

September 20

Sunday’s are quickly becoming my favorite day of the week.

Sunday’s are the day that The Boy and The Wife come to eat lunch, chat and nap.

Sunday’s it seems that life is everything good.

red in the hair

So after all the eating and cleaning up, the girl brought down her hair bleach AND dye, so that I could spend 3 hours doing red highlights and blond highlights on her hair.

Then the boy piped up and said, “I want red”

dean in red too

Still can’t refuse those eyes.


If he would have sat still for just a second or 10, I could have gotten a non-fuzzy picture, but since he didn’t, you get fuzz.

And the end result for the girl?

Subtle but there.


She ran out the door to church almost as soon as I was finished.

You’ll just have to imagine.

September 19

Today I am thankful for…

♥  Good words from a friend.

♥  Superman willing to peel and chop potatoes.   I hate that job.

♥  Fun with the girl at Stuffmart yesterday.

♥  Great yarn to knit with.

How about you?   Are you thankful today?

September 17

Hey Internet!

It is Friday and I am nosy.

  1. What kinds of nagging injuries do you have?
  2. What long-procrastinated task is nagging at you lately?
  3. In what way have you been a nag to someone else?
  4. Who in your life is a world-class nag?
  5. Nag is such an ugly word. What would be a nicer way to describe someone who exhibits nagging tendencies?


1.  My knees have been bad since I was 9.

2.  A quilt that I started well over a year ago.

3.  I nag Superman to take out the trash, pick up his clothes, and please check the oil.

4.  I don’t have anyone who is a world-class nag.

5. I like the word insistent.

How about you?

September 14

butter and sugar

Sometimes I am baking when one or more of the girl’s friends are over visiting.

It never ceases to amaze me when I hand them a beater to lick and they say something to the affect of “I’ve never licked a beater before.”

boiling away


As far back as I can remember, my mom would hand Sister and I a beater to lick, and when the chips came along, I did the same.

Now that the boy is married and out of the house, I have extra beaters….all for myself! muahahahahahahaha!


The batter for this Cranberry Pineapple Upsidedowner is just so good.

Not only did I lick the beaters, I got to lick the spatula aaaaand the bowl.



I only made 2 changes to this recipe.

I used brown sugar instead of white in the topping, and I used the drained pineapple juice instead of milk in the batter.   I think that it gives it a bit of oomph…and then there is always that ‘waste not, want not’ thing.

If you’d like this recipe, go check out Sabrina’s blog….she has the recipe.

September 13

This weekend passed by in a blur.

On Saturday the girl and I went to a Premiere Jewelry party where I spent all of Superman’s hard earned money on Christmas gifts.

Then the we toodled on up to the Parents house and spent a quiet couple of hours there.

Sunday was spent with the Boy and the Wife.    They stayed all day long and I basked in their presence.

I also knitted one entire wash cloth and started on a second one.

I’m boring.

September 12

Hello Internet.

Today I am thankful.

Are you thankful?

I am thankful for…

♥  My daughter’s dead cell phone battery and broken charger.   We had such a lovely conversation last night.   I owe it all to the dead battery.  Plus her thumbs are getting a rest.

♥  Time spent with my parents.   I love them so.

♥  Cooler weather and the leaves beginning to change color.

♥  Friends

September 10

Hey Internet!

It is Friday and I am nosy.

  1. In what way is today better than yesterday?
  2. In what way is this year better than last year?
  3. In what way are you better than you were six months ago?
  4. Besides technology (because that’s so easy), what’s better about the world today than the world you grew up in?
  5. In what way will you make (or have you made) someone else’s day better, today?


1.  Today is better than yesterday because today is payday.

2.  This year is better than last year because I have a dog.

3.  I am better now than 6 months ago because I have a daughter-in-law.

4.  I have to say that the only thing better about the world today than the one I grew up in is that it now includes the chips.

5.  Well….I don’t know.   I will make Walmarts day better because I will add to their coffers.   I sent a text to my friend saying that I love her and am praying for her….uhh….other than that, we will have to see.

Now, how about you?

September 9

So my computer guy came over yesterday morning at 9am.

He clicked different things, went through all sorts of diagnostics, and generally fiddlefarted around.

He had good news.   I did not have a virus.

That was a huge relief.

And bad news. My hard drive was going bad.


And if I didn’t want the black screen of death to surprise me any time soon, I needed a new one.

So this morning I am typing to you from a brand spankin’ new hard drive.   It is so tiny it is sitting ON my desk instead of under it.

My computer guy stayed at my house for 5 hours and charged me a whopping $130….for a house call.

I heart my computer guy.


Dear Superman,

When you come into the bedroom at a quarter till dark with the stealth of an elephant stampede, I tend to wake up and not go back to sleep.

Next time, please use your sniper skills.

If you need cliff notes, here they are.

Plenty of sleep = happy wife

Not enough sleep = cranky, sarcastic wife


The Latter

September 8

Last night my friend C came over for supper.

She has been coming over on Tuesday evenings for the last 3 years.   

Anyway, I was telling her all my computer woes and how FireFox refuses to upload, and how I am stuck with the evil Internet Explorer, and all the frustrations that come along with that.

And the fact that it is taking hours….HOURS to play FrontierVille because IE is running so very slowly.

She asked “Have you run Spybot lately?”

“Err… has been awhile.”

Then I get this tisk…tisk…tisk…look from her that made me feel like a 3 year old.

So I run spybot.

And imunized.

And ran it again.

And reimmunized.

It appears that my beloved comptuer has a virus.


Well, for being 5½ years old, it was due to be sick some time, but why now???  I’m almost to level 31 on FrontierVille.

I guess I’ll have to contact my local comptuer hospital and get it fixed.

PS…Bejeweled Blitz is still running so life isn’t all that bad.