Septemer 30

After the girl and I got out tattoos last Friday, her friends began to show up for a party.

all politeness

I had made some cup cakes and provided icing, color, sprinkles, dragees, edible glitter, etc for them to decorate their own.


It all began rather innocent and polite.

taste of gluten free muffin

But it quickly began to escalate.


Into something very messy.

and worse

The girls got a little wild,


and she spent a lot of time rolling on the floor laughing out loud.

Me?   I stayed far, far away.

September 29

The girl turned 18 last Friday.

I had asked her months before what she wanted for her birthday.

Here at the Chocolatechic household like to be informed and we make lists.

Grocery lists.

Birthday lists

Christmas lists.

The lists make sure that we are getting something that the other person wants.

Guessing causes stress and angst and that is just something I just. don’t. need.


The girl wanted a tattoo for her birthday.

almost finished

I said Okay.

Then a few weeks later she said “Mama, how about we get matching tattoo’s.”

There was no way that I was going to say no to that.

Noon on her birthday found us at the tattoo parlor, along with one of her friends, J.

Kirsten's tatoo

And while the girl smiled and laughed during her tattoo…

My tatoo
I sat there with my butt cheeks clenched, squeezing J’s hand almost the entire time.

You’d think that a 40 year old woman who has given birth…twice…could handle a measly tattoo, but nooo.

At least I didn’t cry.

September 28

Unexpected company shows up.

But seriously, does that actually happen anymore?

Pretend with me anyway.

Unexpected company shows up.

You want to serve them a delightful something, but you haven’t been to the store yet and all you have is 2 apples lying about.

That’s okay because you can whip up a Tart Fine (our TWD recipe that Leslie of Lethally Delicious picked for us today) in 10 minutes~or less.

First go grab a sheet of Puff Pastry out of your freezer.

You don’t have puff pastry in your freezer?

For shame! Go put that on your grocery list now!

I’ll wait.

butter and sugar

Lightly roll it out your puff pastry.   Chop up some butter and sprinkle with sugar.


Slice your apples thin, and slightly over lap them on top of the butter and sugar.

more butter and sugar

Melt a wee bit more butter, dab it on top of the apples, sprinkle with more sugar and bake.

After a half an hour of visiting with friends, pull it out of the oven.


Glaze it with apricot jam, unless you have no apricot jam and then you use some fabulous jam that a great friend sent you all the way from Texas.


You can serve warm, or room temperature.

Dorie suggests warm, but it is wonderful either way.

September 27

Hey Internet.

It is the beginning of a new week, and I have some fun news for y’all.

Well, you might not enjoy it, but I certainly am.

Starting this Friday, myself and a whole bunch of other people around the world are going to start FFwD.  French Friday’s with Dorie.

If you’d like to read about this new project, check the small article out here.

Now, I’m not going to be doing it every single Friday, because 1. I live in Pothole, and even though Pothole has Walmart and Aldi, and 2 other grocery stores none of them boast of anything remotely French, and 2. I don’t eat mussels, or escargot, or some other strange things that the French eat.  To say nothing of the Celery-Celery soup recipe, because this girl does. not. like. celery!

So what is to happen to Nosy Friday?

It is now moving to a new location and new time, just like CSI Miami…Nosy Monday.

So dear Internet…It is Monday and I am nosy.

If I hopped into your car to go on a ride with you at this very minute, what music would your radio be playing?

If you joined me in my car we’d be listening to Country.

September 24

Once upon a time….

In a land far, far away…

There lived a Chocolatechic and her Superman.

One day CC said to Superman, “It’s time.”

He flew her right to the hospital.

And she brought forth a beautiful baby girl.

They named her the girl.

And their lives were never the same again.

Kirs in dress Great Grandma crocheted me

What I want to know is how, in the blink of an eye, she went from this

Kirs_12 blog
to this.

Happy Birthday my darling girl.

You make me smile.

September 23

Hello there Internet.

I had this week of blogging all planned out.

I had something noteworthy for you every single day.

Then life happened, and my remember-er broke.   Just like my DVR.

It seems to happen like that more and more often as the years pass.

So today I’ve got nothing.

Nothing but a couch full of 4 days worth of clean laundry to fold, but it hasn’t happened because the DVR is broken, and I like to do mindless tasks like fold laundry while I’m watching mindless television.