August 31


Yesterday, I had to have a serious conversation with my refrigerator.

I pulled out 2 sticks of butter for today’s TWD recipe, that Donna of Life’s to Short Not to Eat Dessert First picked, so it could come to room temp.

Donna picked Espresso Chocolate Oatmeal Spice Shortbread Cookies.

cinnamon and oats

I usually pull out butter and eggs(if called for) about a half an hour before I make a recipe so they will be room temp.

Then I play a game or ten of Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook.

This time I pulled out the butter and it was already room temp.

I was most displeased.


Not only did I miss my game of Bejeweled Blitz, but refrigerator….you are new!

roll in sugar

I checked the thermometer.

It read 55ΒΊ.


Then I checked to make sure it was indeed plugged in, (check) that the outlet was working(check), that the temperature thingie inside the fridge was at the right place(check).

So I just turned the thermometer colder, and prayed that that was the problem and I had solved it.


This morning everything is cold again.

Fortunately for the fridge, my ‘talk’ worked.

It doesn’t realize that I would have had to move on to more desperate measures like calling a repair man, and it would have had to be taken apart.

My fridge is just a wee bit prudish and doesn’t want anyone to see her innards.

I tweaked this recipe, because I am not a huge fan of espresso…but I am a huge fan of shortbread.

I used quick oats instead of old fashioned oats because I wanted to keep the texture of the cookie very fine.

I only put in cinnamon and freshly grated nutmeg, because I didn’t want the fabulous short bread flavor to be overwhelmed with ginger and clove.

These cookies are fabulous, and my fridge is fabulous, and I am fabulous!

The end.

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22 thoughts on “August 31”

  1. Oh, so pretty…a party over here today! Much better than looking at chocolate (tee hee). I came visiting earlier but you weren’t posted yet, so I am back now. I did get to see the senior photos, etc. and those are really really nice…if those are the rejects, I cannot imagine how good the finals will be. Matt had his done and we are waiting for them to come back…I know I will cry when I see them and realize that senior year is going to go so fast.

  2. If you say they’re fabulous, I know that they are. Is your refrigerator temp dial in a spot where it gets easily tunked? How frustrating!

  3. Hope your refrigerator learned it’s lesson and gives you no more trouble. No one needs a sassy fridge πŸ™‚
    I love love love shortbread cookies. I’m not sure I could mess with them by adding the spices. Maybe I could handle adding the oatmeal, though. That would probably be good.

  4. They are fabulous! I did the oatmeal variation, I should have used baby oats–old fashioned were a bit too much. But they were fabulous–I just ate one–ok, two straight from the freezer! I’m trying to save them for my sweet son-in-law, he better get here soon.

  5. They look great. I did the oatmeal variation too…I think your idea to use ground oats would work better…mine were more oat-y and granola bar ish.

  6. Those sprinkles are super awesome!! Now I’m kicking myself for NOT trying the oatmeal version.

    I think you only needed to threaten your fridge with a ‘female exam’ once. I bet she’ll behave from now on!

  7. Great idea to add the sprinkles, it really adds something to the cookies. We had a similar episode last week with the washing machine. But after a good long talk and a nice long stare (and running extra spin cycles) we managed to get through the week’s laundry. Phew!

  8. So colorful! is that a certain brand of sprinkles/sugar or did you color some yourself? They’re so pretty – it looks like you played Bejeweled Baking instead of the other game. πŸ™‚

  9. The dollarettes make your shortbread so pretty. I will need to get you to take to my errant appliances – I usually have to pay someone a large sum of money to get mine working again.

  10. Wow – a baker – a photographer and an appliance whisperer? You are definitely multi-faceted and of course – FABULOUS!

    I liked best the photo of your daughter that was labeled do not be fooled by this picture. I thought the lighting was so soft and flattering.

    I am glad you liked these cookies. Using quick oats was a good idea. Even the old-fashioned oats blended pretty well, but the quick oats would have really provided a smooth texture. Thanks for baking with me this week.

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