August 29

Today I am thankful for…

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♥  The fun that the girl and I had taking her Senior pictures.

Andrew and Ita

♥  Being able to host Andrew, Ita,


and their two lovely boys, Mikey and Nathan, this past Tuesday.

Andrew and Ita are Missionaries from Brazil.

They are with Baptist Mid-Missions, and are here on furlow till April of next year.

♥  Spending time with friends

♥  Good news.

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7 thoughts on “August 29”

  1. Senior pictures ? You are kidding !

    I am thankful for my niece who is willing to host missionaries in her home.

    I am thankful for my son who is in Missouri helping his aunt and uncle move his cousins to Nebraska.

    I am thankful for my curling iron.

    What good news?

  2. Today I am thankful for my momma – it’s her birthday today.
    I am thankful that the sun came out finally.
    I am thankful that school starts again tomorrow 🙂

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