August 25

Not many people know how expressive my girl is.

Most look at her and see a shy young lady sitting by herself and don’t think twice about engaging her in conversation.

But I am here to change your mind.

My girl does not like to touch raw meat, and I like to torment her at every turn about this fact.  I do this because…Hellooooo! Mother of the Year.

We were working in the kitchen together this past week and I had her mix up some poor man’s steak~~which I will blog about tomorrow~~.


Please note the gloves on her hands and the utter disgust on her face.

When I laughed at her disgust,

your so mean
She whined something like… “Your so meeeeeean!”

Which made me laugh all the more.

Then we moved on to the struesel topping for the peach tart.

your so mean

And she got ‘sugar under her naaaaails’.


Then I laughed at her, and she got just a bit sassy.


But I sass so much better than she could ever dream of.

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5 thoughts on “August 25”

  1. I love that she’ll at least still DO things she doesn’t like (with gloves anyway) AND let you take pictures and laugh all at the same time. (My kids would run and hide and not help.)

  2. When my daughter got married she whined about cleaning chickens. I said whats to clean? YOu pull the bag out of it…….ewwwwwww she said. I said if you dont the chicken will really taste bad lol.

    Then I told her how yrs ago I had to burn the pinfeathers off ones from the stores. They didnt get them all then and the guts didnt come in bags. She didnt feel any better tho lol.

    Today as a mom shes learned she has no choice. They do get over it once they have to take care of others. 🙂

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