August 24


Hey there TWD’ers.

Long time no bakie.

sugar in nails

Because I have had a severe case of the lazies, I cohoursed begged pleaded asked bribed made my girl come spend some time with me in the kitchen.

Then I had to listen to her complain and whine about ‘sugar under her nails’.   But it was worth it because I love my girl.


Another thing about the lazies is that I didn’t feel like blanching, peeling and slicing fresh peaches.

So, I opened a can of sliced peaches and made a pretty design, because even in my lazies I want things to look pretty.

pouring in custard

Isn’t it lovely?

end product

Lovely underneath all that struesel, and beyond easy.

Especially when one has their daughter getting sugar under her nails instead of you.

Thank you to Rachel of Sweet Tarte who picked today’s recipe of Crunchy Custardy Peach Tart.

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24 thoughts on “August 24”

  1. That looks wonderful! Thanks to your darling girl for going above and beyond. It makes me grin when you do something like open a can of peaches…I so love that you’re not a purist.

  2. How is it that you can photoshop your food and make it look so good, but when you post my photo I still look like crap? Make ME look pretty next time!

  3. I’m training my daughter now (age 5) to be my kitchen assistant/slave. Maybe she can fix dinner when I get the lazies! Your tart is beautiful. I’ve made a tart with canned apricots that always gets raves, so I believe in the power of canned fruit.

  4. Wish I had a girl to bake with… all there are around here is little BOYS.

    I went the canned peach route too. Why make it harder than it has to be, I say. Your tart looks really fantastic.

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