August 23


My girl spent the weekend camping at Tappan Lake with our youth group.

She isn’t the talkative sort, so I have to look for clues to see if she had a good time.


The clues say she did.

The sun kissed cheeks say she wasn’t hiding inside all day long.

The tired smile says she didn’t sleep much, so she must have been up giggling all night.

The grungy hair says she didn’t take time out to wash it.

She also informed me that she didn’t brush her teeth all weekend.   This is huge, Internet, because my girl is anal about brushing her teeth.

But don’t tell anyone I told you this.   She would kill me if she knew I was telling you.

I know you can keep a secret.   This is the Internet, right?


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5 thoughts on “August 23”

  1. I always tell my kids that there are two reasons we had them. One was to make them work, two was to tease them/laugh at them. Isn’t it soooo much fun?
    And no, I won’t tell. Absolutely not!

  2. She looks beautiful…why can’t I look like that without brushing my teeth and washing my hair?

    Tanya, here’s an unrelated question for you…remember when you told us about PW’s real cinnamon toast? Did you toast the bread before putting it in the oven? Her directions are unclear…it talks about bread and then talks about toast. I didn’t toast the bread first and the bottom was kinda soggy.

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