August 19

Once the boy got married, I began to make immediate plans for his my room.

Now that they are gone, the room is mine…all mine!


sewing room

I have turned it into a sewing room.

I haven’t had one since we moved into this house 8 years ago.

nap time

And if I get tired of the sewing, I can take up napping.


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10 thoughts on “August 19”

  1. Good for you! When our second son moved out and into a place of his own I reclaimed his room for my own home office. I love it! Our oldest son’s room will always be his room, (he’s in the Army and deserves to have us “hold” his room for him!) But when he’s not here we use it for overnight guests, which thankfully, doesn’t happen much!

  2. Looks like a great sewing room. I love having a bed handy while making quilts! I’ll be looking forward to so quilt pictures.

  3. I think it’s nice they were able to move into her parents house. This will give them an opportunity to save some money so they can get a place of their own. Plus,it gives her parents a chance to get to know their wonderful son-in-law, as you got to know your wonderful daughter-in-law! Sounds like a great idea all around:)

  4. What a great sewing room! As a fellow quilter I’m envious you have two sewing machines. The bed – when it’s not used for napping – will be great to lay out your quilt!

  5. I missed something somehow. WHEN did the boy get married? You didn’t write about it, did you? I hope he and his wife are as happy as you and Superman. You’ve provided a wonderful model of marriage for him!

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