August 10

Here is a little insight into the mind of Chocolatechic.

Late Sunday evening.

‘I need to check what recipe is next for TWD.’

‘Hallelujah!!   Chocolate Gnache Ice cream!!’

Late Monday morning

I pick up the book to check the recipe out.

‘bitter sweet chocolate~~check

egg yolks~~check!


whole milk~~weeeelllllllll   I guess I could substitute skim.

heavy cream~~drat!   What could I substitute for that???   Doesn’t matter, I’ll figure it out.


Temper eggs….crud!!   I hate tempering.

Chill, pour into frozen bowl of ice cream maker.

Frozen. bowl. of. ice. cream. maker.

Oh…crap!   Crappity crap crapadoo!

So I yell….”Giiiirrrlllllllllllllllllllll!   Come heeeeeeeeerrrrrrrreeeeeeee!    Go check the basement freezer to see if the ice cream thingie is in it.”

Thirty seconds later comes a muted “no mom….want me to put it in there for ya?”

Sigh….”Sure baby”

‘Double crappity crap.crap.crap. I want some ice creeeeaaaam!’

And that, Internet, is why I have no pictures for today.  No ice cream at all.

However, I will be making it today because finally this morning the bowl to my ice cream maker is at the correct temperature.

If you’d like to make some along with me today, go check out Katrina’s blog.   She has the recipe.


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11 thoughts on “August 10”

  1. Well, that IS crappy! 😉
    Hope it turns out well for you now! It’s super chocolaty fantastic ice cream! Thanks for ‘trying’ to churn along with me today! It’s worth all the crap.

  2. Mines waiting to be churned tonight because my ice cream doohicky wasnt in the freezer either! I took it out because it has sat in there since we made burnt sugar ice cream taking up precious freezer space.

  3. Just finished churning. YUM! I used skim milk in place of the whole. Had to make it healthy. 😉 You can use evaporated milk to replace heavy cream. Still comes out yummy.

  4. Somewhere in the middle of all of your crappity..doooing..wish your mother a happy anniversary….also when you think of your basket…think of “confiscation”

  5. There is an alternative to tempering eggs. I rarely do that unless forced. Anytime I have to make creme anglaise or something similar, I stir the sugar and eggs together, then add the milk, cream, etc., then cook it on the stove until it reaches the correct temperature. I even cooked it this way while I was in culinary school, and my way always produced a better end-product than the tempered way. Looking forward to seeing and reading your post.

  6. Ummm, if my son saw your post, he would want to wash your mouth out with soap. According to him, crap is as bad as what it is substituting, and I get in major trouble with him if I say it. (You’d think he was the parent 😀 )

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