August 9

A lot of people around me are having babies.

No, not the newly weds…they are putting this off for several years much to my dismay…

And while a few of them are choosing what I consider ‘normal’ names, several of them are choosing some really…uhh….errrrr…..interesting names.

Whatever happened to









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13 thoughts on “August 9”

  1. My grandmother’s nurses wrote their names on the whiteboard so she’d know. They weren’t bad names, but the “new” kind: Emery and Taylor. Nan said, “So what are their first names?” Ha! And, yes, some names are much more unique than that!

  2. I ask myself that same question. We have 0ne Susan in our childcare of 90 children. No Mary,John,David,or even Bobby.

      1. Why aren’t you allowed to post pictures from the wedding? Everyday for several weeks I was checking because I thought you might post them. Funny how we become interested in other people’s lives.

  3. I love some of the new” names. Soome are not really new but old family names. Remember Andra had Blaize Rutan picked out as a name for one of the twins and the other was something McCarty. Oh well, I guess those names won’t be used in our family will they since you girls are not having any more grandchildren for me:)

    1. The other name was Audria McCarty.
      Don’t completely give up on those names being in the family. We could still adopt at some point.

  4. Here’s a strange spelling that was in our local paper this morning … Cerinity Nihkole ??? I just don’t get the odd spellings?! Cheryl

  5. I can’t make too many remarks about this one. My children are named Kai and Raine. In our defense, these are very common German names.

  6. When I was little we had a neighbor named Vaughn (pronounced like von) and when I was older we had a neighbor who had a dog named Ike. Those neighbors prompted me to always want to name a child Vaughn Isaac. But, no kidlets of my own to name.

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