August 6

Hey Internet.

It is Friday, and I am nosy.

I want to know what would you pick as your most favorite fast food meal?

Your favorite restaurant meal?


My favorite fast food meal would be…

A whopper with cheese from Burger King, McDonalds fries and a Wendy’s frosty.

My favorite restaurant meal would be…

A rib eye from Texas Road House, sweet potato fries from the Warehouse and a piece of home made cheese cake from the English Ivy.

How about you?



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8 thoughts on “August 6”

  1. Being that I pretty much can’t eat bread or meat – fast food is a HUGE problem for me… but I recently found a meal I can eat on the go – well, sort of!

    Wendy’s BLT Cobb Salad – I have them just not add the chicken.

    I’ll admit it – I miss my Whopper Jr. with cheese and extra mayo. That and the Coke Icee – but those days are behind me now… sniff…

    Favorite restaurant meal… UGH! Eating is so hard! Um…. Well, this restaurant near us – before it got bought out and completely ruined – used to serve a parmesan crusted talapia with rice pilaf, steamed veggies (squash, carrots, green beans, etc.) that was completely to die for… I could probably even eat that nowadays… if only they still served it!

  2. Favorite fast food meal………hmmmm. Probably chinese take-away.
    Favorite restaurant meal is, without question, fresh deep fried oysters right out of the ocean. If Heaven ain’t got ’em, I ain’t goin’! (Come to think of it, they might get a little TOO done in hell. Maybe, I oughta’ re-think this.)

  3. We love cheeseburgers and my current favorite is from TOPS Bar-B-Q. McD’s fries….always.
    Now, I do like dipping my fries into a Frosty but DQ dip cones are my all-time fav.

    I love fried catfish smothered in crawfish étouffée. That is probably redundant because étouffée means “smothered”. I can’t say I’ve had any truly memorable étouffée in qutie awhile.

  4. Favorite fast food- fish sandwich and fries from McDonalds,(used to be)

    Favorite restaurant meal- Salad and pasta meal at Olive Garden

  5. what would you pick as your most favorite fast food meal?

    Extra moist brisket from Rudy’s BBQ. YUM! This is the only inanimate thing I will miss in Austin. 🙂

    Your favorite restaurant meal?

    Extra moist brisket from Rudy’s BBQ. haha

  6. Fast Food meal-Tendergrill sandwich from Burger King-Mcd’s fries and a hot caramel sundae with nuts, which, they no longer have here. BOO.

    Favorite meal out is the Chicken Costeletta from the Cheesecake Factory or a filet mignon and ribs from Texas Roadhouse or the grilled chicken club blt (minus the t for me) and a baked potato and caramel frozen mug sundae from Cracker Barrel.

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