August 4

Hey Internet.

I turned on my computer an hour and a half ago.

I am just now able to access anything.


Because I need more RAM.

I have used the entire life out of my computer.    I never thought I’d do such a thing, but I guess I’m a huge memory life sucker.

So, anyone have any experience on the best place to get more RAM???

Cheaply?   Inexpensively?  Frugally?



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9 thoughts on “August 4”

  1. do you mean memory? if so, sometimes if your computer is older and does not have a large disk space, getting extra memory does not help.
    have you tried cleaning up your computer…maybe moving pictures, ext to cd’s?
    Memory is pretty cheap now…but I would find out about other issues before spending the money.

      1. have you tried shutting it down and unpluging the power cord for about 15 sec …….this reinstalls memory that you have used. let me know how it works

  2. External hard drive is one option but clearing stuff out is the quickest easiest way. you can move photos and other documetns to a flash drive, and you can find 16 and 32 gig ones for a fairly decent price. Staples always has good prices on them.

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