August 3

Hey Internet.

Today is Tuesday, and therefore TWD day.

Natallia of gatti fili e farina picked today’s recipe of Gingered Carrot Cookies.

Carrot cookies.

Now, Internet, if I won’t put fruit in my sweets, do ya really think I’m putting veggies in them?

Nopie, nopie, nope!

What I want to share with you is that today is my dad’s 60th birthday.

On Sunday, we had a surprise party for him.

To pull this party off, there were a lot of ….errr….uhhhh….falsehoods being told.

Not only that, having to hide from him got me a stern talking to from a cop.

Thanks ma!

After all the lies falsehoods, and the cops telling me not to park on the wrong side of the road, tons of lasagna made, cup cakes baked, iced and various and sundry sneaking going on, we had a party.

Music was played.

There was also singing.

And dancing.

We did this all for the best dad in the world.

I love you daddy.

Have a fabulous birthday today.



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10 thoughts on “August 3”

  1. I threw a surprise party once, and I swear, I’ve never told more lies in my entire life! I even had to get a completely unnecessary oil change to cover up a set of lies. But, it was fun, and everyone enjoyed it. I’d never throw another one, though. Happy b day to your daddy.

  2. I don’t know why, but while I was making these carrot cookies yesterday, I thought of you and thought of how you don’t like fruit in your desserts and I KNEW you would not be making these cookies with a vegetable in them.
    They are just okay, but I REALLY spruced them up with—one of your favorites–cream cheese frosting. You’d love them (and you really can’t even tell there’s carrot in there. I taste the ginger, the nuts and cranberries in a pretty good cookie–with lots of cream cheese on top! 😉

    Oh, and love your post from yesterday. Always fun to have stories to tell like that!

  3. Your carrot blog reminds me of another story about your Dad and uncle Dale on the farm. Every once and a while, they had to do work on a farm near S. Charlston. An old woman lived there named Mrs. Store who thought her homemade carrot juice would cure and prevent any and all ailments. Everytime we went over there, she insisted on us drinking her carrot squeezin’s. Anytime the boys found out they had to go to Mrs. Store’s, it was met with dread.

  4. I was pretty sure you weren’t going to make these, but then I thought that maybe you had found some sort of way to make chocolate and carrots appealing for you, so I just had to come by to check it out for sure and all. Happy Birthday to the Dad, looks like one great celebration.

  5. Oh that looks like fun! Happy birthday to your dad who is only a young’un…just sayin’. I have never even tried to give a surprise party…it must have its serious challenges.

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